Janssen launches new accelerator for HealthTech startups

Janssen has launched a new nine-month startup accelerator focused on the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, looking for solutions in predictive diagnostics and precision treatment.

Janssen Startup Accelerator is a nine-month EMEA-wide acceleration programme that aims to help HealthTech startups expand their capabilities further than they ever thought possible. The new accelerator is an effort between the pharma company, iPEPs and EIT Health.

While personalised care has long been an ambition of many healthcare companies, truly meaningful advances have been rare. Janssen Startup Accelerator wants to change this by rising to meet two main challenges:

  • How can we improve treatment initiation with predictive diagnostic models and solutions?
    How do we create precision treatment management tools that assure safe next-treatment decisions based on biomarkers & contextual data?

What will startups get?

  • Nine months of personalised support
  • Dedicated Janssen and iPEPs mentorship
  • Access to the iPEPS Living Lab (Healthcare professional situated in la Pitié-Salpêtrière, the biggest hospital structure in Europe)
  • Network connections Access to EIT Health France, iPEPs and Janssen’s connections within the ecosystem

Startups will have until 27 September, 2020 to apply to the accelerator and must focus their pitch around ways to improve treatment initiation with predictive diagnostic models and solutions or creating precision-treatment management tools that use biomarkers and contextual data.

Further information is available on the official website.