Headstart Funding Programme 2020: 7 startups awarded with the Headstart grant

EIT Health Germany has chosen the winners of the first round of EIT Health Headstart support for 2020. Aumio, BOCAhealth, DeepSpin, Iuvando, Nia Health, Virtonomy and Zoundream, welcome to the Headstart family.

The selection phase of the first round of the EIT Health Germany Headstart Programme is officially completed and seven startups were named today as winners of the 2020 EIT Health Germany Headstart awards. During the online pitch competition, a total of 15 promising teams presented their business idea in front of a jury of industry partners and representatives of the healthcare sector. Seven of them convinced the jury: Aumio, BOCAhealth, DeepSpin, Iuvando Health, Nia Health, Virtonomy and Zoundream.

The selected startups represent solutions in medtech and digital health, addressing a range of challenges, such as children’s mental health, access to clinical trials for cancer patients and digital support tool for neurodermatitis.

The winners will receive funding of up to €50,000 to help bring their healthcare innovations to market.

In addition to the first round, EIT Health Germany will offer a second round of Headstart awards (applications will open in July 2020). More information coming soon.


The winning teams are:

Aumio – Aumio is the digital companion for children’s mental health. With Aumio children discover their feelings in a playful way. They learn simple mindfulness exercises for dealing with challenges and strong emotions in everyday life. We offer different courses specifically designed to help with problems such as Hyperactivity, Impulsivity or Anxiety. Aumio helps educate children and their parents about mental health, and strengthens their mental awareness for a healthy future.

BOCAhealth – BOCAhealth improves the quality of life and reduces the mortality of chronic ill patients via optimal fluid management by using innovative sensors and AI technology.

DeepSpin -DeepSpin is developing a next-gen, AI-powered MRI imaging machine at a fraction of the cost, size and weight of standard systems. These technical advancements are made possible through the power of generative topological hardware optimization in combination with operational deep learning on MRI images. Through their proprietary technology, DeepSpin will be making MRI accessible to every patient globally, becoming the imaging standard of care in a myriad of previously inaccessible medical domains.

iuvando Health – iuvando is a patient-centric digital health solution for cancer patients who seek to benefit from investigational treatments as offered in clinical trials. Both patients and physicians are often unaware of open trials due to the plethora of upcoming studies in precision oncology. iuvando provides a comprehensive report of trials matching the patient’s individual disease characteristics which are extracted from medical records. To enable a targeted treatment approach, patients are counseled through the initiation and reimbursement of their tumor‘s genetic profiling. iuvando offers the unique and free-of-charge professional guidance to benefit from new treatments and unlocks care pathways beyond clinical routine.

NiaHealth – Nia Health develops and markets a service platform for patients with skin diseases. The core product is a smartphone app, which supports patients and their relatives in their daily dealings with atopic dermatitis, the most common chronic skin disease, by offering them holistic, digital support. The medically validated content and personalised functions of Nia make people active creators of their health and help them to improve their quality of life.

Virtonomy – Virtonomy is creating the first cloud-based SaaS solution for use by medical device developers that utilizes virtual patients for data-driven clinical trials, thereby shortening the time-to-market for life-essential medical devices, accelerating medical innovation, and significantly reducing costs. By applying our expertise in image processing, cloud storage/computing, deep learning and visualization using virtual reality, Virtonomy is taking a pioneering role in this breakthrough area of digital healthcare.

Zoundream – In Zoundream, we apply the latest developments of artificial intelligence and sound recognition to the very specific field of new-borns cry – in order to translate baby cries sounds into their needs, emotions and physical status.


About EIT Health Headstart Funding

The EIT Health Headstart Awards are part of EIT Health’s extensive portfolio of support programmes for emerging companies and SMEs from across Europe. The purpose of these awards is to accelerate market entry and adoption of new products and services, thus creating new economic activity.