Headstart Funding for COVID-19 Solutions

EIT Health is inviting digital health startups to join the battle against COVID-19.

In response to the growing crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, EIT Health through the Headstart programme, will award up to €50,000 to companies with the potential to enable the community and health systems to fill in the gap until COVID-19 vaccines are ready.

Eligible applicants and projects

Targeted topics/technologies – Only digital Health solutions:

  • AI driven mHealth
  • Digital Health wearables, devices and sensors
  • Diagnose
  • Mental health
  • Epidemiology
  • Chronic diseases management for people at home
  • Solutions to support current crisis situations at hospitals (example: stock management, patient journey solutions…)

The following will not be considered: new tests, drug development, new ventilator equipments.

The Project or Product

  • The most successful project or product will be at least at TRL 8
  • Project duration: 6 months

For more details, please refer to the Headstart for COVID-19 Guide.

For more information on the Headstart programme, please refer to the Headstart programme guide.

Deadline for application: 14 April 2020

Applications must be filed through the EIT Health Optimy Registration platform.

Contact Information:
Barbara Costa (

Matteo Consonni (