French-German call for projects on antimicrobial resistance

The French National Research Agency (ANR), and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) are launching their second joint call for projects on antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Aims of the call

A Franco-German expert committee identified the following two priority topics:

1.    Innovative research on AMR in environmental reservoirs (water, soil, wild animals, plants, biofilms on plastic waste, etc.)

  • Biologic and epidemiologic relevance (risk assessment) of environmental  reservoirs for humans or animals regarding the emergence, transmission and dissemination of AMR
  • Impact of antibiotics, antibiotic residues and other pollutants related to hygienic measures in human and animal health on AMR
  • Improved or novel methods to quantify and characterize antibiotic-resistant bacteria, genes and mobile genetic elements, antibiotics and antibiotic residues in environ¬mental sample matrices (e.g. wastewater, soil, air)
  • Innovative interventions to reduce AMR in environmental reservoirs

2.    Innovative research on antibiotic resistant bacteria colonizing humans, farm animals, pets and food products

  • Epidemiology, biology and impact of colonizing antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Innovative approaches for prevention or reduction of colonization with antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Impact of disinfectants on the emergence of colonizing antibiotic resistant bacteria

Consortium composition

Only bilateral consortia will be funded. The following conditions apply to the composition of consortia:

  • There must be one French coordinator and one German coordinator; both must be eligible to receive funding from the respective funding agency, ANR or BMBF
  • Additional partners, eligible to receive funding from either agency, can join the consortium

Estimated schedule

There will be a one-stage submission procedure. Proposals must be written in English and must be submitted to VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH by one of the two coordinators through an electronic submission system available on the VDI/VDE website. No other means of submission will be accepted.

The call is scheduled to open in the third week of December 2019. More information to follow.