Four EIT Health innovators and changemakers in the race for EIT Awards 2020

The Green. The Digital. The Healthy. 28 Cutting-edge tech innovations compete for EIT Awards 2020.

Each year, the EIT celebrates the entrepreneurial and societal achievements of its innovators. By highlighting ground-breaking innovations and the teams behind them, the annual EIT Awards inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs across Europe. This year 28 innovators from 13 different countries have been nominated for their endurance and creativity, recognising their ground-breaking products and services accelerating Europe’s transition to a greener, healthier, and more digital future. Nominees will pitch their innovations publicly online on 8 December, and the winners in the five categories will be announced in a live award ceremony on 9 December.

The EIT Awards highlight the entire innovation pipeline powered by the EIT, from student to entrepreneur, from lab to market, and from idea to solutions for Europe. The nominees will compete in four categories: the EIT Venture Award celebrating outstanding start-ups and scale-ups; the EIT Change Award recognising top graduates from EIT entrepreneurial education programmes; the EIT Innovators Award for individuals and teams that have developed high impact innovative products; and the EIT Woman Award, putting the spotlight on inspiring female entrepreneurs and leaders.

Four EIT Health-backed innovators, offering different solutions for treating cancer patients, severe heart conditions and Alzheimer’s disease, are in the running for the EIT Awards 2020. Here they are:

EIT Innovators Award nominee: Andreu Martinez Climent (Spain) is CEO of Corify, makers of ACORYS®, the first real-time measurement solution of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) complexity that can stratify AF patients, predict the ablation efficacy, and provide a guide for AF driver ablation. Discover their innovation in more detail here.

EIT Venture Award nominee: Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual (Switzerland) is CEO of TOLREMO, which is making personalised cancer therapies even more personal thus long-lasting. By combining classic mutational information with novel transcriptional information, defining the exact pattern of genes expressed in the particular cancer, they design and develop combination therapies that will prevent the development of drug resistance. Discover their innovation in more detail here.

EIT Woman Award nominee: Joana Isabel dos Santos Paiva (Portugal) is CTO and founder of iLof, which is developing an inexpensive, non-invasive solution for stratification of Alzheimer’s patients for clinical trials. By saving 40% of the total costs for screening and 70% of the time spent on patient’s screening, iLof will contribute towards finding a cure for Alzheimer’s faster. Discover their innovation in more detail here.

EIT Change Award nominee: Martin Boutiere (France) is a PhD student and founder of Nutr’Avenir, a preclinical platform focused on nutrition for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Cancer patients are commonly fed with high protein diets to tackle malnutrition. This implies a risk of tumour growth. The Nutr’Avenir platform will make it possible to validate new concepts for preclinical research services and to patent new formulations, which can then be sold to the main commercial companies in the field. Discover their innovation in more detail here.

The EIT Awards winners are decided by an independent jury based on the nominee pitches. Also, the general public has its say in an online vote, and voting for the EIT Public Award will commence on 16 November 2020. In each of the four award categories, the prize money is EUR 50,000 for the winner, EUR 20,000 for the second place and EUR 10,000 for the third place

The full list of nominees and their innovations can be found here.