New open Integration Platform “HosmartAI” launched today

The new platform HosmartAI – “Hospital Smart development based on AI” – will become a valuable tool in the market integration of AI-solutions.


To be the most relevant player for the digital transformation of the European healthcare sector and to make the European healthcare system more efficient, strong, sustainable and resilient: that’s the goal of the new platform HosmartAI. The european health care system is facing growing challenges and the impactful implementation of AI-based digital solutions becomes more and more urgent. That’s why the “Horizon 2020”-project aims to foster the digitalisation of health care in areas  where they are more and more proofing to be indispensable.


Five health care sectors are in the center of the new projects attention:

  • more efficient and improved diagnosis and treatment
  • improved efficiency in hospitals logistic
  • support in clinical procedure
  • support in the process of caregiving
  • enable elderly to stay at home for longer

The “HosmartAI” project was designed to adress these challenges by accelerating the integration of Digital and Robot technologies. The platform allows digital health care tool providers to design and develop AI solutions, to represent and deploy them and to analyse their benefits.


Implementing an end-user accepted, digitalized health system 

HosmartAI promotes the idea and principles of “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)”. The platform pursues a user-centered, interdisciplinary approach and involves stakeholders and citizens in the methodology. The aim is to create a health system that uses AI-possibilities to their full extend while also being accepted by end users.

To work towards that goal, the HosmartAI system aims to get implemented in new health facilities such as doctor’s offices, clinics, etc. and to support the integration of innovative technologies into them. For this purpose, two open calls are addressed to academia and the research audience with a focus on tech start-ups and SMEs to solve particular HosmartAI challenges or integrate new technologies into the HosmartAI platform, develop new pilot projects who use HosmartAI technologies and explore new applications and user groups.

Initially, HosmartAI will incorporate eight large-scale pilot projects that involve 3,000 patients, 300 health professionals and 600 stakeholders, including healthcare managers in five different European regions (Belgium, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Spain). The pilots focus on delimited medical aspects and disease manifestations including cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, thoracic diseases, neurological diseases, elderly care and neuropsychological rehabilitation, restrictions on fetal growth and premature birth.



A consortium of leader entities ensures the impact of HosmartAI

EIT Health Germany is part of the HosmartAI consortium that consists of 24 leader entities in fields of research, healthcare, innovation and business, from 12 European countries. By bringing together many different perspectives, the consortium provides the project’s background and ensures its great impact under the coordination of INTRASOFT International.