Enter the healthcare industrial world with SCI FI!

Are you ready to enter the healthcare industrial world?

The SCI FI programme boosts pharma, life sciences and MedTechs students’ employability with practical and specific skills to ensure a smooth transition into the industrial world.

Apply to the EIT Health SCI FI, the programme that can give you the skills you need to work as an innovator in the healthcare industry. This course will help you transition from academic research to working in the pharma and MedTech industry with the guidance of academic and industry partners. This programme currently offers two different tracks of learning that adapt to your schedules and way of learning.


What will you get?

· Boost your employability by acquiring skills identified by our industry partners

· Improve your creative skills by learning problem solving, critical thinking and understanding customer and patient needs

· Gain business skills in finance market access and strategic management

· Receive industry skills by learning about pre-clinical development, intellectual property and medical device regulation

· Learn how to communicate and collaborate with other key players in the industry such as teammates and partners

· Increased visibility by entering EIT Health network of 140+ partners


Who can apply?

· Young scientists working at a university, research institute or clinic

· PhD candidates in any healthcare area – specifically MedTech and Pharma

· Post doctorates in healthcare


How can you apply?

· Applications will be accepted only via the application platform

· Deadline: 30 May 2022 at 11:59 (CET)

· Get an early bird reduction of 50% by applying before 30 April!


Find out more about the programme in our brochure!