Emperra launches crowdfunding campaign on Aescuvest

On the 5th of November 2020, EIT Health and aescuvest launched a crowdfunding campaign for Emperra, a German startup aimed to improve the lives of millions living with diabetes.

According to the World Health Organisation, there are around 60 million people with diabetes in Europe and, if their condition is not managed correctly, sufferers are likely to become progressively ill, affecting their quality of life.

Emperra GmbH E-Health Technologies is a global pioneer of digital diabetes management solutions for the recording, monitoring and evaluation of diabetes treatment. The company has created a digital, holistic diabetes solution for the best possible management of diabetes data. It’s easy to use for patients and medical personnel alike, records all important data, and makes that data and distilled information accessible for treatment – 24/7, digital, everywhere.

We combine all the important tools for recording, monitoring and evaluating diabetes treatment and to make them digitally available to patients and doctors using wireless connectivity. Nevertheless, the technology is very easy to use, which was especially important to us with regard to older patients.

ESYSTA allows the seamless electronic documentation of injected insulin doses, measured blood glucose value and carbohydrate units entered. It also allows this data to be transferred wirelessly from the devices to the online portal. The product consists of ESYSTA App (app for smartphone or tablet), ESYSTA Portal (online diary), ESYSTA Pen (insulin pen), ESYSTA Lab (blood glucose meter), ESYSTA Basis (data transfer station)

The company has already convinced institutional investors such as Brandenburg Kapital, the venture capital firms Peppermint Venture Partners, Mutschler Ventures and others of its holistic approach. In order to tackle the next development goals and, first and foremost, the marketing of the ESYSTA app as a DiGA with Germany-wide reimbursement, Emperra is taking part in public financing round on EIT Health-supported, which specialises in the healthcare sector.

The digital health start-up is the second to be supported by EIT Health and Aescuvest crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding platform,  launched in August 2019 with a campaign for Surge-on-Medical, marked the start of a new means of public venture funding in Europe. By making investment in healthcare innovations publicly accessible, EIT Health and Aescuvest are using their Crowdfunding Platform to diversify the potential sources of funding and to allow citizens to invest in solutions that matter to them.

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