EIT success stories – Results are here!

27 EIT Health activities and people are officially recognised as 2019 ‘EIT Success Stories’. We are pleased to announce that four Success Stories come from our portfolio: Inveox‘s founder Maria Sievert, Sleepiz, the SeizeIT project and ProtectURLife.

Every day EIT Health innovation projects, education programmes and entrepreneurship activities are catalysing healthcare innovation across Europe. As a recognition of their work and achieved milestones, each year the EIT rewards the most promising projects by describing them as “Success Stories“. Among the many successes in healthcare innovation in 2019 made possible by EIT Health, 27 “Success Stories” have been approved as outstanding examples of the work we do by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

Like all EIT Health successes, these 27 activities and people promise to make critical improvements in healthcare for citizens and patients in Europe, and beyond. The EIT has singled them out for special recognition based on specific criteria, including their achievement of excellence thanks to EIT Health support.

Moving closer to home, four Success Stories come from our portfolio and let’s take a closer look at them.

Maria Sievert (EIT Woman Award 2019 nominee): Leads inveox, a start-up she co-founded that makes cancer diagnoses quicker, safer, and more reliable. Inveox solves the single biggest problem and safety risk in histopathology by introducing the world’s first automation system for sample entry. The start-up received EIT Health Headstart support in 2018 and Maria was an EIT Woman Award finalist.

ProtectUrLife  Partners: Amgen, Technische Universität München (TUM), University of Barcelona (EIT Health Campus citizen and patient engagement programme): The #ProtectUrLife project has been designed to improve citizens’ understanding of how to live a healthy life and lower the risks of life-impacting events, such as fractures, heart attacks and stroke. It helps raise awareness among the public about cardiovascular and osteoporosis risks through predict and prevent events across Europe.

SeizeIT2  Partners: Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra, IESE Business School, Karolinska Institutet, KU Leuven, Oxford University Hospital – Oxford AHSN, Region Stockholm, RWTH Aachen University, UCB Biosciences GmbH, Universitäts klinikum Aachen (EIT Health Innovation project): The project detects and logs epileptic seizure events automatically with an inobtrusive, wearable solution that allows accurate monitoring to facilitate tailored care. The first prototype of this wearable allows comfortable and unobtrusive seizure monitoring outside of a hospital setting, provides 70-90% accuracy, compared to the accuracy level of less than 50% that is typical for a seizure diary, and it offers an improved patient experience.

Sleepiz (EIT Health Headstart 2019, European Health Catapult winner 2019, EIT Venture Award 2019 nominee) – Sleepiz offers the first medical-grade and contactless home-based sleep monitor for sleep diagnostics of the future. With this solution Sleepiz brings home-screening to a new scale, allowing sleep screening in the comfort of an individual’s home.

Congratulations to the rest of teams, projects, start-ups and partners for their success!