Wild Card Programme winners list: Orbit Health and MiMark secure €1.5M in funding

EIT Health announced the two winning teams of the Wild Card Innovation Programme 2020

On 1 February 2021, EIT Health announced the two winning teams of its Wild Card innovation programme – including a winning team from Germany. Since 2017, EIT Health’s Wild Card programme has invited talented innovators, teams and individuals from across Europe and supported them in bringing their new, innovative ideas in the healthcare sector to life through expert mentoring, financial support, and coaching. Each year, two projects are launched that break new ground, push boundaries and solve some of the biggest challenges in European healthcare. In 2020, it was Orbit Health and MiMARK.

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder in Europe after Alzheimer’s, affecting around 1.2 million people. The long-term disease is associated with impairment of the speech and motor system as well as an increased incidence of mental health problems such as depression. “Parkinson’s is a complicated disease, and every patient responds differently to treatment,” explains Patty Lee, CEO and Co-founder of Orbit Health.

The Munich-based Parkinson researchers Orbit Health convinced the EIT Health panel with ‘Neptune’: an AI solution intended to make the treatment of Parkinson’s more efficient and more individualised. The application of this new device-agnostic technology is designed to better assess the patient’s response to treatment, allowing doctors to offer the patient optimised treatment methods to ensure a better quality of life.

“With our research, we want to make it easier to individualise treatment, thereby improving the lives of patients and their families and saving costs for the healthcare system,” Patty Lee added.

The second winning team – MiMARK – comes from Barcelona, and is working to improve the accuracy and efficiency of uterine cancer diagnosis, as early and accurate detection can lead to higher patient survival rates.

“We want to use our technological innovation to improve the standard of treatment for uterine cancer without patients having to undergo invasive and uncomfortable procedures. We are grateful for the support of EIT Health, which will enable us to hopefully make this wish a reality for female patients soon,” says Eva Colás Ortega, head of the biomedical research group for gynaecology at the Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca and co-founder of MiMARK.

“Wild Card 2020 was a truly enriching experience that accelerated our understanding of how our solution fits into the market. We look forward to leveraging EIT Health’s support, network and influence to deliver our solution into the hands of clinicians and patients,” says Patty Lee (Orbit Health).

Read the official press release here. (German only)

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