EIT Health supported Sleepiz AG secures grant to enable the future of sleep diagnostics

Sleepiz have received $500k in funding through the EU’s HORIZON 2020 EUROSTAR grant to enable the future of sleep diagnostics through novel three-dimensional radar technology.

In October 2020, the Zurich-based start-up Sleepiz achieved the CE Class I clearance for their product Sleepiz One, designed to help individuals with sleep apnea, qualifying itself as a medical device manufacturer. Now in 2021 the MedTech start-up has been granted a total of $1M for their research together with Acconeer, a Swedish radar sensor company, and are collaborating with Acconeer and working in partnership with the University of Gothenburg’s Sleep Medicine Center.

By combining expertise in both medical and radar industries, the collaboration will develop the next generation of contactless devices. The radar aims to enable better-personalised therapy through a novel three-dimensional monitoring approach, providing more insights and standards than current state of the art devices. The project is due to begin in May 2021 and will be carried out for three years.

“For Sleepiz, such recognition and trust by the European Union, allows to envision the future of healthcare that is deeply rooted in the power of medicine and technology combined. Our goal for this collaboration with Acconeer and University of Gothenburg is to continuously progress the status quo and create the next generation of our sleep monitoring device that will improve people’s lives with the most innovative technology available. All at the comfort of one’s home,” shares Soumya Dash, the CEO and co-founder of Sleepiz AG.

The ETH spin-off was a previous winner of the EIT Health Headstart 2019 and the European Health Catapult 2019, offering the first medical-grade and contactless home-based sleep monitor for sleep diagnostics of the future. With their solution Sleepiz brings home screening to a new scale, allowing (non-invasive) sleep screening in the comfort of an individual’s home.


Congratulations to the team!