EIT Health partners successful in ERC Proof-of-Concept Call

The first set of ERC Proof of Concept 2020 competition results are out. Fifty five scientists received €8.25 million in ERC Proof of Concept grants to bring their pioneering EU-funded research closer to market.

Since the introduction of the Proof of Concept Grants in 2011, over 1000 European Research Council grant holders have used this opportunity to apply for additional funding to establish the innovation potential of ideas arising from their ERC-funded frontier research projects. The first 2020 round received in total 146 applications and the ERC has decided to award 55 researchers with over €8.25 million in funding to put science into practice. The selected projects cover a range of disciplines, such as medicine, AI, energy, and sustainability

The selected projects will be conducted in a public or private research organisation (host institution) in the course of 18 months. A number of EIT Health partners can be found on the list of hosting institutions for this round of applications, including École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, ETH Zurich, Technical University of Munich, as well as University of Barcelona, Technion, University of Maastricht, Karolinska Institutet, Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Newcastle University.

Congratulations to all grant recipients and we wish you all the best in your professional endeavours.


The ERC PoC Grants exclusively target ERC grant holders who want to verify the innovation potential of ideas arising from their ERC-funded projects. The financial contribution is awarded as a lump sum of €150,000 for a period of 18 months. The funding can be used for establishing viability, technical issues and overall direction, clarifying IPR position and strategy, providing feedback for budgeting and other forms of commercial discussion, providing connections to later stage funding and covering initial expenses for establishing a company. ERC grantees can apply for funding in one of the three rounds of the call every year. 

The next Proof of Concept Call is already open – Apply by 17 September 2020!