EIT Health names winners of NAM longevity competition

RAMPmedical, iuvando Health and BOCAhealthcare are among the 21 winners of the EIT Health Headstart Catalyst Awards. 

EIT Health, together with seven global collaborators representing nearly 50 countries and territories, today announced the winners of the inaugural round of Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards. The awards are part of the Healthy Longevity Global Competition, a multiyear, multimillion-dollar international competition seeking breakthrough innovations to extend human health and function later in life. 

The U.S. National Academy of Medicine founded the competition and coordinates among the seven global collaborators, each administering a competition in their respective country or regionEIT Health administered the contest through the EIT Health Headstart ProgrammeMore than 400 innovators submitted applications in Round 1. Twenty-one of them were chosen by EIT Health Headstart for a Catalyst Award and each received up to €50,000 as seed funding to advance their products/services. 

We are proud to announce that 3 of our supported start-ups are winners of the Catalyst Award: BOCAHealthcare, iuvando Health and RAMPmedical. Here is a short description of their projects:

BOCAhealthcare GmbH (Germany): develops new ideas in the field of digital healthcare with specific regards to the management of the human body fluids – improving the patient’s journey from hospital to home and providing doctors with a solution that can help in their everyday clinical decisions. 

iuvando Health GmbH (Germany): empowers patients with different types of cancer to unlock new treatment pathways by providing guidance in searching for clinical trials in precision oncology. 

RAMPmedical (Germany): offers evidence and AI-based decision-support software for therapy that brings scientific research results into medical practice to assist clinicians and improve patient quality of life. 

The full list of winners is available here.

Awardees will be invited to attend the first annual Innovator Summit in Washington, D.C., in September 2021 to share their work with policymakers, researchers, potential investors, and fellow innovators from around the world.  

The competition consists of two additional phases internationally: 

  • Accelerator PhaseAwards worth $300,000 to $1 million USD or more will be issued to meritorious Catalyst awardees who have demonstrated significant progress, to support the further advancement of their bold ideas (starting in 2021). 
  • Grand PrizeOne or more grand prizes of up to $5 million USD will be awarded for the achievement of a breakthrough innovation that extends the human healthspan (starting in 2023) 

Congratulations to the teams!