Headstart programme – first round 

The  EIT Health Headstart Program is created to support early-stage startups and SMEs in developing their new products and services. EIT Health Headstart winners are provided funding of up to € 50,000, to support the next steps towards the market and shorten time-to-market, and verify the need of the product or service, and the benefit of the product or service for users, customers, health care providers and also for EIT Health Partners. 

Following the evaluation process, EIT Health Germany selected 15 start-ups from Germany, Switzerland and Austria for the first round of the EIT Health Headstart programme. 

The 15 start-ups will present their projects in an online pitch competition on 18 June 2020. 

Until then, here is a short description of their projects. 

Meet the startups

Digital companion for children’s mental health.


The body fluid management company of the future.


Reshaping the way your health data is accessed and paid for.

Centiva Health

Developing a next-gen, AI-powered MRI imaging machine.


Measure and optimize your sitting posture at the workplace.


Symptom management platform of MS for patients, doctors and pharma.

Fimo Health

Developing innovative, ergonomic products for the OR. 

Hellstern Medical

The first comprehensive support for atopic dermatitis patients.

Nia Health

A patient-centric digital health solution for cancer patients.


Building AI-powered single molecule genetic testing technologies and platforms.

Pixel Biotech

Using artificial intelligence to develop novel immunotherapies.


Serving as a medical device service provider for virtual anatomy and fitting studies.


Reinventing the way how people measure their vital signs.


Your personal coach to live longer in good health.


Intelligent cry sound recognition systems for baby caring.


Headstart Programme for COVID-19 solutions

In response to the growing crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, EIT Health through the Headstart programme, launched a specific call for startups working on digital health solutions with the potential to enable the health systems to fill in the gap until COVID-19 vaccines are ready.

Following the evaluation procedure, EIT Health Germany shortlisted 11 startups that are currently leveraging their medical, innovative, and scientific competencies in the battle against the coronavirus.

Discover more about the projects.

The winning teams

Following the pitch competition on 19 May 2020, the jury decided to award the Headstart grants to the following 4 startups: Climedo Health GmbH, Henisaja GmbH, Intrepida LLC, and ScintHealth GmbH.

Find out more about their solutions in this interview.

Headstart - Second round 

After receiving over 30 impressive applications, our evaluators helped us narrow the pack down to 11 finalists for the second cut-off date of the programme. The 11 shortlisted start-ups from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are set to compete for the Headstart Award during the Frontiers Health conference on 13 November 2020.

Find out more about their projects.

Meet the start-ups

On a mission to transform geriatric care, starting with an incontinence management product.


Transforming unculturable into culturable bacteria with a proprietary cultivation platform. 


A novel perovskite quantum dot-based scintillator that greatly increases detector resolution and sensitivity.


Smart devices integrated into working desks to prevent long-term health problems due to non-ergonomic sitting. 

Deep Care

Endometriosis App – an app that offers endometriosis patients scientifically-backed individual and interdisciplinary treatment.

Endo Health UG

A new generation of biomaterial for the local strengthening of osteoporotic hips.


An AI-based software enabling any healthcare professional to plan patient-specific cardiac operations accurately, reliably, and fast.

HID Imaging

Alberta, the intelligent care management platform for chronically ill patients. 


An app allowing physicians & patients to connect on another level, by enabling physicians to examine patients using selected certified devices.


Smart illumination devices combining optogenetics with flow cytometry and cell sorting.

Piomic’s portable advanced wound care device, the COMS® One therapy system, solves the challenge of chronic wound care.


The Winning Teams

Following the pitch competition on 13 November 2020, the jury decided to award the Headstart grants to the following 3 startups: Advosense, Flowbone and MedKitDoc.

Find out more about their solutions in this post.