EIT Health Germany’s gift guide for Christmas 2021

Introducing a catalog of products from our community that make for perfect gifts this holiday season.

With Christmas around the corner, one thing on everyone’s mind is Christmas presents. Since it’s such a special time of the year, so why don’t get some unique gifts for your loved ones? Our supported start-ups have brought to market a host of game-changing new products and services that we thought would make excellent Christmas gift ideas.

To help you out with handling the Christmas shopping, we selected some of the most exciting and original products from our rated startups, so you can find the perfect gift with any budget, and for any person.

So here is some inspiration to treat your loved ones – or yourself:

Walkolution’ s treadmill

Is it possible to work while walking? It sure is. Walkolution GmbH now offers people a healthier alternative to sitting. Their patented and science-based product is the world’s first noiseless and non-motorized walking treadmill with an integrated ergonomic desk and backrest so that the user can work and walk at the same time! The winner of the German Design Award 2021 even plants a tree for every 10,000 steps a customer walks on the treadmill.


Colorimetrix’s Pearl Kit

Are you or your loved ones thinking about expanding the family? The Pearl Kit by Colorimetrix GmbH is a perfect gift in this case. The company brings all state-of-the-art knowledge of fertility and reproduction together to help people conceive and empower them with knowledge about their individual fertility. It offers a hormone and period tracking kit and app that help to get pregnant naturally and quickly. It’s highly personalized and an affordable solution for everyone.


Sleep monitoring device by Sleepiz 

Using very high-frequency technology and artificial intelligence to interpret sleep patterns, Sleepiz AG developed a unique solution that enables the patient’s sleep to be monitored wirelessly at home. It leverages the power of sleep insights with a device that is simply placed on the bedside table. The device operates in a non-contact fashion and measures movements originating from heart contractions and breathing patterns and body motions with medical-grade accuracy.


 Breathe ilo cycle tracker by Carbomed Medical Solutions

If family planning is on your friend’s mind, why don’t you consider Breathe ilo? Breathe ilo is a handheld device and app that measures and tracks an individual’s ovulation patterns and fertility cycle in 60 seconds breathing. By enabling menstrual cycle tracking and keeping a detailed journal of the body’s condition and possible symptoms throughout it, the app offers a new take on women’s cycle, thereby contributing to a better understanding of their own health.


Zoundream’s baby translator 

For all the new parents out there, we have you covered. Swiss-based Zoundream developed “BabyT”, the world’s first portable device using deep learning and sound recognition to translate newborns’ cry sound into babies’ actual needs. The foundation of the company and its software is based on thousands of hours of international baby cries analyzed using a system for measuring noise called spectrograms. Desgined not only to help families in the first critical months, but also to support the diagnosis of potential pathologies and development disorders.

Visseiro’s intelligent seat cushion

Are you looking for a present for your grandparents? The intelligent seat cushion by Visseiro might be the right choice for you! The smart cushion tracks heart rate, daily rhythms and breathing through sitting. Data is transmitted automatically to an app for monitoring changes and providing loved ones with a way to check in on their aging relatives. Tackling major problems in elderly care, Visseiro allows the switch from hospital-centered sick care systems to a community-based and integrated health care system. Just lean back and relax!

Path Finder 2.0 by Walk with Path 

Do you have a relative or friend living with Parkinson´s disease? The Path Finder 2.0 could be the perfect present for them! The Path Finder is a shoe attachment that provides visual cues to assist users in overcoming Freezing of Gait (FoG), a common symptom in Parkinson’s disease. The cue, present as a green laser line, helps the brain initiate your movement and helps users resume walking, making living with the disease more bearable and comfortable.


LOLA app by Qolware 

The LOLA app might sound like a great present for an older relative! It is the first digital solution developed for commercial smartphones and smartwatches that provides continuous health and emergency assistance in everyday life and provides support in daily planning. With their compact and discreet solution, your older relatives can stay safe and independent no matter where you are and they can also enjoy their active lifestyle. System by Moio GmbH

Another suggestion for the elderly in your family. The heart of the system is a flat, soft and flexible sensor module: the moio. It is worn comfortably on the back by the patient with the help of special plasters. Its fine sensors perceive the patient’s movements and interpret them independently. The digital care assistant looks after your relatives around the clock and can notify you if they need care or are in an emergency.


Nanoleq’s Vital shirt

For the sports aficionado, we recommend Vital shirt by Nanoleq. It is the first modern, comfortable and meaningful health-monitoring textile shirt providing a continuous ECG and measuring the heart rate. The key elements are improved wear, comfort, high washability and seamless integration. Once connected to a device, one can continuously display ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, speed and GPS location. The product will soon be available in stores and retailers, but you can pre-order it now.

The EIT Health Germany team wishes you a very happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.