EIT Health Germany supports btS Biotechnology Student Initiative e.V. in Heidelberg

“Let Life Sciences Meet You!” This is the motto of the btS, Biotechnological Student Initiative e.V. in Heidelberg, which met for the first time last weekend, 11th-12th January, for the first cluster meeting of this year, supported by EIT Health Germany.

The btS addresses all students or doctoral candidates in life sciences who like to volunteer their time. The initiative is a non-profit, independent and politically neutral student initiative in the life sciences. It sees itself as an interface between students and doctoral candidates, universities and research institutes as well as companies in the life sciences. To achieve this, it offers a wide range of nationwide and local events and projects with various cooperation partners – by students for students. These include company contact fairs, excursions, networking events as well as lectures, workshops and scientific symposia.

With a passion for volunteer work, it now has over 1100 members and is active at 27 university locations, making it the largest life science initiative in Germany. Beyond the network of student members, it is supported by committed alumni as well as extraordinary members from professors, industry and other funding agencies. In addition, it is networked nationally with other student initiatives through the Association of German Student Initiatives (VDSI).

At regular transnational meetings, students network with each other, develop new concepts and event ideas for the day-to-day business of the association and continue their education together.

Last weekend, almost 30 btS members (students and doctoral candidates) from Frankfurt, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Saarbrücken and Heidelberg met in order to develop new acquisition methods, participate in a workshop for “Successful Presentations”, introduce the association’s structure to new members in an understandable and unbiased manner and to strengthen the nationwide team spirit at a social event in the Bowlingallee. Thanks to EIT Health Germany there was not only intellectual food but also sufficient physical food on site, so that the scientists and entrepreneurs of tomorrow worked at full speed!

More Information about the initiative can be found on the btS Website.