EIT Health Catapult: fast-tracking Europe’s best start-ups 

Every year the EIT Health Catapult sources and accelerates 42 European startups in BioTech, MedTech and Digital Health that get high-quality training in business modeling and planning, investment deal negotiation and pitch training. The unique competition and training programme recognises and awards the very best business concepts, fast-tracking start-ups to become part of the EIT Health Community of world-leading companies. 

The competition follows a three-stage procedure: (1) Regional selection, (2) Semi-finals (October 2021) and (3)  The final (EIT Health Summit, tbc)

Following the evaluation process, EIT Health Germany selected 12 startups from Germany, Switzerland and Austria for the Regional Selection of this year’s EIT Health Catapult.

This year the Regional selection for Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be organised as part of the dHealth Conference, where the 12 startups will present their projects in an online pitch competition on 11 May 2021 and will be intensively examined by a jury of experts for their investment readiness.

If you are interested in finding more about their projects, join us online for an exciting pitch competition via the following link

Meet the Regional finalists - MedTech Category

New innovative solutions are upgrading medical equipment across the board. The MedTech industry is currently a booming one because it can now solve health challenges that were previously considered insurmountable. This time we have an innovative medical device for safer proton therapy, multiparametric imaging technology, medical imaging technology for early detection of body wasting and an automatic point-of-care diagnostic system. Check out our interview with the selected finalists to learn more about their projects.

Meet the Regional finalists - BioTech Category

As one of the exciting areas of science, biotechnology has been playing a dynamic role in improving the challenges regarding human health and their welfare. This year’s finalists include innovative neuroprotective therapeutic candidates, novel immuno-modulatory therpateutics based on the Annexin-Checkpoint System, an automated gene therapy manufacturing platform and a cutting-edge MS-based proteome analysis. Want to find out more? We conducted a short interview with the selected start-ups for a more in-depth insight into their work.

Meet the Regional finalists - Digital Health Category

With their innovative spirit and digital expertise, our 4 Digital Health regional finalists deliver fresh solutions for an industry in urgent need of disruption. Digital tools will play a central role in the most promising areas of healthcare innovation. From simplifying the work of the nurses to digital fitness coaches, our finalists are on the frontline of digital transformation in the healthcare industry. But what are their expectations and future plans? Find out more in this interview.

Medical imaging products and technologies for early detection of body wasting.


Innovative solutions for a safer, more precise and time-saving proton therapy for cancer treatment.

Terapet SA

Revolutionary endoscopy visualization systems based on multiparametric imaging technology.


An automatic point-of-care diagnostic system designed to diagnose deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


Making ex vivo gene-engineered cell therapies accessible to the patients in need.


Therapy for patients with cancer or auto-immune diseases through the Annexin Checkpoint System.


Neuroprotective treatments designed to effectively protect against multiple neurological diseases


Cutting-edge MS-based proteome analysis to understand human health and disease states.

OmicEra Diagnostics GmbH

A smart nursing task management and communication system that helps reduce workload on nurses in stationary care settings.


A digital twin-based precision therapeutic technology intended for patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Ebenbuild GmbH

App-based solution for patients with mental disorders to stabilize and further improve mental health


AI-powered digital fitness coach.