DeepSpin secures 3.5 million Euro in public funding

DeepSpin GmbH secured an additional 3.5 million Euro in public funding from 3 prestigious innovation support programs.

DeepSpin is developing a next-gen, AI-powered MRI imaging machine at a fraction of the cost, size and weight of standard systems. These technical advancements are made possible through the power of generative topological hardware optimization in combination with operational deep learning on MRI images. Through their proprietary technology, DeepSpin will be making MRI accessible to every patient globally, becoming the imaging standard of care in a myriad of previously inaccessible medical domains.

“The problem we are solving is that MRI, the most advanced medical imaging method, is currently not easily accessible because it is incredibly expensive, requires specialised operators and needs specifically shielded rooms. We are removing all of these constraints based on our proprietary technology, making MRI universally accessible for any patient, anywhere in the world.”– Clemens Tepel, Co-Founder of DeepSpin GmbH.

With these additional 3.5 million Euro grants, DeepSpin´s total funding to date reaches 8 million Euro. This funding enables the company to further develop its ground-breaking technology and brings them closer to fulfilling their mission of making MRI universally accessible.

The currently attained grants have been secured through three different funding programs. From Pro FIT Berlin of the Investitionsbank Berlin, DeepSpin received 1.4 million Euro for the development of its core AI technology and its portable MRI system. Additional funding of 1.7 million Euro was granted to the company by Pro FIT Brandenburg from the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB) for the development of novel, improved MRI sensors. Lastly, a funding of 0.4 million Euro has been granted to the company from Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung for the automation and improvement of human-machine interaction and the interface of the portable MRI-system.