Annual Symposium

EIT Health Germany holds its Annual Symposium at the end of every year in order to unite all Partners and Start-ups that belong to the EIT Health Germany Network. Also, each year there are one or more focus topics that build the basis for the Programme consisting of speeches, Panel discussions, pitches, Workshops and Networking sessions.

Past Annual Symposia

EIT Health Germany Annual Symposium 2019 & Bilateral Meeting with EIT Health France: 

Challenges and Solutions in the Fields of “Artificial Intelligence in Health” and “Antimicrobial Resistance”

For the EIT Health Germany Annual Symposium 2019 we joint forces with EIT Health France to focus on cross-border cooperation in two very important fields: “Artificial Intelligence in Health” and “Antimicrobial Resistance”.

EIT Health Germany and EIT Health France Core, Associate and Network Partners as well as key players and stakeholders from the German, Swiss, Austrian and French HealthCare participated in this Event and took part in the varied Programme comprising keynote speeches, a row of interesting oral presentations and discussions as well as the Roundtables in order to elaborate project ideas for the BP2021.

For this unique Event, novel ideas and projects in the fields of “AI” and “AMR” were not only presented but also showcased in the framework of a poster Exhibition on the spot were Visitors were invited to get in touch with project leads from different countries and get to know more about their innovations.

Picture Gallery 2019