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Accelerator – Programmes for startups, scaleups and SMEs

The EIT Health ‘Accelerator’ is targeted at all startups, spin-offs, scaleups and SMEs involved in health in Europe. The stated goal is to bring together the best young entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry and to provide them with the support, skills and services they need to bring their ideas to market. To accompany these young companies at every stage of their growth, the EIT Health Accelerator offers programmes in three phases:

Incubate! Young entrepreneurs in this phase receive training and support to create a business plan from a first business idea. These programmes run for two to twelve months, offering entrepreneurs an international perspective and the opportunity to build their network with leading healthcare organizations.

VALIDATE! Programmes in this phase will help startups continuously improve their business models by providing access to living labs and testbeds, mentoring and coaching expertise within the community, and developing an understanding of regional reimbursement systems.

SCALE! In this phase, the programmes offered focus on the development of tools and networks that will enable the financing of projects and smaller SMEs. The goal is to build bridges to potential investors such as investors, business angels and crowd funding.

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All projects and programmes taking place as part of the annual EIT Health
Business Plan can be found in the current EIT Health Accelerator Catalog.

EIT Health Headstart Funding

The Headstart Funding Programme aims at early stage start-ups, spin-offs and SMEs that require initial funding for their further development and commercialization. As part of its annual activities in the accelerator sector, EIT Health awards up to 50,000 € to selected young companies twice a year (SHIP event) as part of a multi-stage application process.

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EIT Health Catapult

The EIT Health Catapult is a training and competition programme that promotes the development of world-class European innovation in health through exposure to leading experts and international investors. Every year we are looking for the best 42 business ideas from the fields of medtech, biotech and digital health within the DACH region.

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Startups Meet Pharma

The EIT Health Programme Startups Meet Pharma is a challenge-based acceleration programme connecting key pharma partners in Europe with startups at the forefront of technology innovation. The programme invites startups to develop digital solutions that pertain to both the pharmaceutical industry and patients to jointly address the challenges they face with operational products and services. 

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Startups Meet Healthcare Providers

Start-Ups Meet Healthcare Providers (SMHCP) is a challenge-based accelerator programme that connects promising start-ups to a variety of European healthcare providers, such as public/private hospitals, municipal health authorities, or health insurance companies. The aim of the programme is to ease market access for start-ups by connecting them to healthcare providers that pose specific challenges from within their local health system.

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Investors Roundtable

Every year EIT Health Germany organizes an investor roundtable in Mannheim or Heidelberg. The aim of the event is to bring together a top selection of EIT Health Germany startups from Baden Wuerttemberg and Bavaria with selected VCs & Business Angels from the DACH region to identify synergies that ideally facilitate next startup investment rounds. The startups are mainly active in the areas of medtech and digital health products. Services active.

Mentoring & Coaching Network (MCN)

The expertise of the EIT Health network can also be accessed independently of running programmes. The Mentoring & Coaching Network (MCN) brings together experts and mentors from the EIT Health network across Europe to help answer the specific questions and challenges of startups in the areas of medtech, biotech and digital health.

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FAQs for startups

The EIT Health Accelerator programmes have interesting offers for every healthcare startup in every level. Here you will find answers to the most important questions about your cooperation with EIT Health Germany.

Where can I find an overview of all EIT Health programmes for startups?

All EIT Health programmes for startups are listed in the EIT Health Accelerator catalog and can be accessed on this website at https://www.eithealth.eu/accelerator.

Which programme of the EIT Accelerator portfolio is most suitable for my startup?

The programes of the EIT Health Accelerator portfolio are divided into 3 main activity lines: INCUBATE, for startups in the early phase and also for not yet registered startups; VALIDATE for start-ups in the growth phase; SCALE for already on the market and scalable startups. These are just general notes and may vary from case to case. In any case, talk to Mathis and Barbara.

Do I have to be part of the EIT Health Network to participate in an EIT Health Accelerator Portfolio programme?

No. The Accelerator is open to applications from all entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs in Europe.

Can I apply for multiple EIT Health Accelerator programmes?

Yes, but you should note the following:

1. Startups that apply for the EIT Health European Health Catapult can not qualify for the EIT Headstart Funding Programme in the same year.

2. Startups who have applied for the first round of the Headstart Funding Programme can not apply for the second round.

3. EIT Health may grant a maximum of € 50,000 in grants per startup and year.

This maximum amount relates to grants awarded under the Headstart Programme or other funds distributed within EIT Health, as well as reimbursements for travel and accommodation when invited to participate in an EIT Health event. This maximum amount does not include the economic value of an activity.

Which EIT Health Co-Location Center (CLC) in Europe should I apply for?

If you are registered as a company in Germany, Switzerland or Austria (DACH region), you should contact us, the German EIT Health CLC.

How can I get the supporting letter for the EIT Headstart Funding Programme?

The letter of recommendation/letter of support must be signed by one of our business partners (ideally a German one, but we are not strict about it). Please look at EIT Health business partners at the following webpage https://eithealth.eu/our-network/our-partners/   

Do not forget to filter, on the left side, for the BUSINESS PARTNERS.

Please identify one partner that you think might be interested in your technology. This partner could be instrumental for the growth of your company or could be one of your future customers. Once you have identified the partner, please contact them introducing your company and your technology, elaborating the reason why this should be of interest to them and explaining that you need a letter of support/recommendation in order to apply to the EIT Headstart Funding Programme. You could use the master contact of the company that you find on the website or any other contact in the company you might have.

 If you want you can use our template letter   http://bit.ly/HS2019letter  but keep in mind that represents just a suggestion and it can be modified according to your needs or to the needs of the company. There is absolutely no liability that arises from issuing such a letter of support from the company side. The letter represents a way for startups to increase their visibility creating meaningful relationships and expanding their network.

In case you have further questions regarding the letter do not hesitate to contact Barbara (Barbara.costa@eithealth.eu).

Do you have more questions on our Accelerator Programmes? Just get in touch!

Dr. Barbara Costa

+49 621 764 461-15

Mathis Palm

+49 621 764 461-13