Headstart Funding

EIT Health provides funding of up to 50,000€ Euro for early stage companies and SMEs to develop new products and services. These should match the overall EIT Health thematic scope, “Healthy Living, Active Ageing, Improved Health Care” and:

  • support the applicants in realizing next steps towards the market and shorten time-to-market for innovative products and services and/or
  • verify need/benefit of product/service for users/customers/payers/partners and/or
  • increase the possibility to attract further private investment
Evaluation cut off dates

The next submission deadline is April 27th, 2018, 16:00 (CET).

The second cut-off date will be on September 7th, 2018, 16:00 (CET). Applications can be submitted continuously throughout this period.

Application Support

The applicant is suggested to receive support before submitting an application. We suggest applicants contact the EIT Health regional Business Creation Manager or their contact at an EIT Health partner organization for help. The project owner and the contact are suggested to work together to define the appropriate actions and allow the SME to submit an application that it fits the scope and goals of the EIT Health Headstart Funding.

Please read carefully the guideline and FAQs:

Guidlines and FAQs

Is it for me? Eligible applicants and projects

The EIT Health Headstart Funding Programme is suitable for micro and small enterprises* (according to EU SME definition), spin-offs and start-ups that have a well-developed prototype and are ready to launch a product.

The company must be incorporated/registered before the subgranting agreement initiation.

The Application

  • Must be in English
  • Submitted through EIT Health Optimy Registration platform. Register your EIT Health account and apply here: eithealth.optimytool.com/en/
  • Incomplete submissions, late submissions, or submissions via any other routes (e.g., email) will not be accepted
  • Additional information may be attached as requested by the region. Supplemented information may include graphs, or video links (up to 3 minutes). Please be aware that the reviewers may not consider these attachments as basis for their evaluation. Ensure you are compliant with your regional Business Creation Manager.
  • An existing relationship between the start-up and EIT Health must be established before application and must therefore be accompanied by a letter of confirmation. This letter must be provided by an EIT Health partner or the CLC Director from the region the applicant is applying to. The letter serves to confirm a relationship to the EIT Health network and does not consititute endorsement or serve as a certification of validity/eligibility. Please speak to the Business Creation Manager to discuss this point.

The Project

  • The project must be hosted by micro or small enterprises that are already incorporated/registered before the granting is initiated
  • The project must be within the scope of the main challenges in EIT Health – Healthy Living, Active Ageing, and Improved Healthcare, see the FAQ in the Headstart guide
  • The applicant(s) or company must own or have rights to the intellectual property that is the basis for the project (if applicable).
  • The project has to be at least at TRL 4.
  • The project must follow the reporting and practical requirements set-forth by the Headstart Guide, available on the webpage.

The Funding

  • Projects may not request more than € 50,000 in EIT Health funding.
  • The EIT Health funding limit of €50,000 per calendar year, per start-up, applies across all EIT Health programmes.
  • Projects must show co-investment or co-contribution to be eligible. (Please speak to your Business Creation Manager)
  • The funding is non-dilutive must comply to Horizon 2020 guidelines. See Headstart Guide for compliant cost categories.
  • Intermediate reports are required by December 31st 2018.
  • Final report: end of the project – maximum is 12 months after signature of the agreement.

Start-ups awarded funding for their projects agree to use the logo ‘Accelerated by EIT Health’.

For more information on Headstart Programme grant including: awarding details, required reports as well selection criteria, please contact us.

Innovative startups and SMEs in Germany and Switzerland

Explore our map to learn more about innovative project ideas by German and Swiss startups and SMEs.

Further funding opportunities

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We were very fortunate that we have been selected among the many applicants. I think it is very important not to focus only on treating diseases, but actually to invest a lot into the preventive care. Because in the end every individual is responsible for his health and it is important that we all take care of our own health at various levels.

Dr. Stefan Taing, ArthroScan
one of the winners of the German EIT Health Head Start Programme

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