Call for Interest for EIT Health Summit 2019 exhibition

EIT Health invites Partners to exhibit their successes at the EIT Health Summit 2019 – Join our quest to find the most compelling examples of how EIT Health is living its mission of improving lives in Europe!

Innovation for innovation sake will no longer have a place in an ever changing and demanding healthcare landscape. Needs-based health innovation is fundamental to generate true transformation in the lives of patients and citizens. The shift towards supporting health innovations that meet truly meet healthcare’s biggest challenges must be reinforced – this is reflected not only within EIT Health but is also recognised in the new framework programme of Horizon Europe which is specifically focused with its missions approach.

Looking at the health innovation pathway end to end – from needs validation, ideation, co-creation, research and development, funding to regulation and reimbursement, we will explore the mechanisms by which innovators and entrepreneurs can strengthen their solutions – through the understanding of real unmet need and how to expedite its delivery to patients and citizens within an evolving political and policy landscape.

We will bring in experts from all stages of the innovation pathway, to offer valuable insight into how to build a clear societal needs and value proposition from the earliest timepoint, from idea to market entry and adoption and to increase understanding of the myriad factors to consider – from defining real value and impact for patients and citizens, understanding changing evidential needs and defining real needs.

Sharing your projects to highlight the value of EIT Health

This year, the core of the EIT Health Summit will consist in an interactive exhibition: a concrete, visual and educational presentation of the projects, funding programmes and courses built by EIT Health and its partners. All three EIT Health pillars, Education, Business Creation and Innovation, will be showcased.In addition to technological aspects, the exhibition will outline the role and work of EIT Health in general and explain how the visitor can participate and contribute to the network.

As EIT Health Partners, you will be given the opportunity to pitch your project on the exhibition stage, located at the centre of the venue with unlimited access for the audience and great visibility. Both concluded and on-going projects are eligible to apply. The two selection criteria are:

1) the project addresses a challenge falling within the Summit theme of unmet societal need and the innovation process

2) the project benefited from the support of more than one EIT Health pillar

If your project falls within these criteria and if you are interested in exhibiting it at the Summit, please complete the online form providing as much relevant information as possible. Send back the document to the German CLC,

The deadline for your applicationis Friday 27 August.

Applicants will be notified of the final selection by 9 September and will start working on the project’s booth content with CLC France and the Summit communication agency by mid-September.

For any further questions and remarks please contact the Summit Operational Team: Héloïse Priou,

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