H-impact – The Health Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme – Apply now until 31st July 2019

Do you want to make a difference and create impact? H-impact is an international programme that gives participants the chance to develop specific skills to gather necessary knowledge on their personal development and mindset to make an impact on real-life challenges within healthcare.

H-impact is a 12-week challenge-based international programme that teaches innovation and entrepreneurial skills in the health care sector. The program consists of two on-site weekends and ten weeks of online modules, assignments and a team challenge to work on in between. During the program participants will apply their newly gained knowledge and skills on the industry challenge which they will tackle as a multidisciplinary team. While building an innovative solution, they go through the process of ideation, prototyping and testing, leading to their business model and go-to-market strategy. All of this with a focus on the health care ecosystem.

The program builds the innovative, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills that are necessary to solve the challenges our health care sector faces today and in the future. Health organizations are desperately looking for staff that understands the process of bringing new solutions and technologies to the market. This program combines a focus on those skills and the specifics of the health care sector. H-impact is ideal for people from different backgrounds who want to work in the healthcare sector, for master students, recent graduates or researchers who want to have an extra advantage when applying for a job, for entrepreneurs who want to start their business in healthcare and for employees who want to strengthen their intrapreneurial and innovative skills.

The program is designed for

  • Master students
  • Phd’s or researchers
  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Participants have to pick one of altogether four challenges when they apply for the H-impact program. They will be working on this challenge, in team, during the whole program, receiving additional knowledge, building skills, attitude and creating solutions with impact.

The challenges

We all live longer nowadays. And that’s great because it gives us more time to enjoy ourselves. But with old age come many challenges. In Ghent over 30% of people aged 65 or older admitted to feeling lonely most of the time. That’s why we need to start developing new ideas on how to solve this, and leverage new and emerging technologies to create a lasting impact.

The amount of young adults suffering from burnout is increasing… rapidly. It’s probably one of the most talked-about syndromes of this time, but still no solution has been found. That’s why we need to start developing new ideas on how to solve this, and leverage new and emerging technologies to create a lasting impact.

Cancer is one of the most researched diseases today. And yet there is no complete cure. We need to start developing new ideas on solutions and on how to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, using new technologies & looking for ways to create a lasting impact.

One of the big challenges within health care is obesity, a hot topic with lots of influence on our lives. New ideas can help solve this challenge and improve the quality of life for people suffering from obesity, as well as create an impact on our health care.

The partners of H-impact 2019.

The program exists of a kick-off weekend and closing weekend, both organized in Belgium. In between these weekends there is a 10 week online module where you participate & collaborate online. Application deadline is 31st July 2019.

For more information and to apply please follow this link

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