4th {Life Sience} meets IT | Hackathon at the Mafinex Mannheim – “It’s just fun to work with people like that.”

Fifty participants at the fourth {Life Sience} meets IT | Hackathon developed soft- and hardware solutions for healthcare challenges from the medical and life science sectors. The fourth edition of the interdisciplinary hackathon took place at the MAFINEX Technology Center in Mannheim last weekend, 10th to 12th May 2019.

At the fourth {Life Sience} meets IT | Hackathon the participants were able to choose eight tasks from thirteen presented challenges on which they worked on as a team from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The Challenges were posed by companies such as Roche, AbbVie or startups such as elaspix or by the participants themselves. The companies provided the Hackathon participants with targeted
questions from day-to-day business: AbbVie, for example, was looking for a mobile solution that would link doctors, patients and the pharmaceutical company.

Anything but uniform: Fifty participants from different areas lived and worked together for three days (Photo: Startup Mannheim)

The participants formed their own teams, and within twenty minutes, local and international experts from technical, economic, design and medical or scientific fields had come together. Eight teams were supported by a total of 28 mentors who contributed their expertise so that the innovative ideas could be turned into prototypes on that weekend. After four-minute pitches of each team, the following winning teams from three categories were awarded:

  • Best hack, the best technical solution: GLOOT provides early-stage virtual diabetes assistance to Type 2 Diabetes patients and an interactive chat computer that processes natural language.
  • The strongest patient focus: VR Brave uses a virtual reality glasses to confront patients in a controlled environment with their fears.
  • The best business model: CTHT uses an app to establish a direct link between pharmacy and customers to provide a better database for clinical trials.

The teams developed their projects using the latest technologies such as a 3D printer, a cloud development platform, sensors and virtual reality glasses. The organizers of Mafinex-Gründerverein e.V., Startup Mannheim and Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V. as well as numerous partners such as Elaspix, LabTwin, EDON, Yoptino and VR Lighthouse provided this support within the so-called ‘Maker Space’.

EIT Health Germany joined the hackathon already for the second time. For the first time though, Dr. Katharina Ladewig, Managing Director of EIT Health Germany, was a member of the jury and supported the team with her many years of industry knowledge.

Best hack, strongest patient orientation and best business model: The winning teams GLOOT, VR Brave and CTHT with the jury (Photo: Denzinger)

Ivo Leist, team leader of the winning team GLOOT, made it clear: “The hackathon shows what you can achieve in the short term of a weekend. The people here are open minded, they want a better world and do something for it. It’s just fun to work with such people. ”

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