EIT Health network takes top spots on Europe’s most innovative universities ranking

EIT Health partners accounted for 48% of the top 25, and took all of the top five spots among Reuters’ “Top 100: Europe’s Most Innovative Universities”. FAU Erlangen on second rank

Last week, Reuters released its top 100 list of Europe’s Most Innovative Universities, which saw universities within the EIT Health network rank highly. In the fourth annual ranking, EIT Health partners accounted for 48% of the top 25, and took all of the top five spots. The FAU Erlangen reached a fantastic second place.

The Reuters ranking takes into account 10 different metrics to determine how Europe’s universities are contributing towards innovation including the body of research produced, patents filed and the overall success rate of such patents (those granted), as well as commercial impact score which is an indicator of how their research has influenced commercial research and development.

EIT Health partners featured in the top 25 ranking:

Rank University Patent applications Patent success rate Commercial impact score
1 KU Leuven 305 40% 43.3
2 University of Erlangen Nuremberg 238 52.1% 51.2
3 Imperial College London 317 33.4% 34.4
4 University of Cambridge 207 38.6% 31.4
5 EPFL – Swiss Federal lnstitute of Technology Lausanne 235 39.6% 58.1
7 Technical University of Munich 191 40.8% 40.5
10 ETH Zurich 305 29.5% 42.7
12 University of Oxford 482 27.8% 42.3
13 Technical University of Denmark 379 28.5% 36.4
14 LUMC (Medical faculty of Leiden University) 73 50.7% 41
16 Delft University of Technology 147 73.5% 37.6
22 Sorbonne University 383 44.6% 31.7

SOURCE: Reuters

For the fourth consecutive year, KU Leuven tops Reuters Europe’s Most Innovative Universities Ranking, a list that identifies the educational institutions doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies and power industry.

EIT Health Germany Managing Director Dr. Katharina Ladewig: “We are extremely proud to have two of our EIT Health Germany Partners in the top-ten of the most innovative universities in Europe. The FAU Erlangen and TUM Munich are renowned forces in our network boosting innovation in Healthcare on a local and thanks to EIT Health’s network also on a paneuropean way.”

The University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (No. 2) climbs three places to second place, overtaking Imperial College London (No. 3), the University of Cambridge (No. 4) and the Swiss EPFL (No. 5). The University of Zurich (No. 9, plus four) is one of two newcomers in the top 10 and ). The Technical University of Munich (no. 7, min. 1), the University of Manchester (no. 8, min. 1) and ETH Zurich (no. 10, min. 1) complete the top 10.

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