SEP-GHIM – A Programme with a Truly Global Scope

SEP GHIM – the Senior Executive Programme in Global Health Innovation Management supported by EIT Health provides a unique opportunity for the Global Health Innovator to gain in knowledge, insights and skills to make a real difference in Global Health. Through an innovative experiential learning model, participants will experience hands-on innovation in four different global settings while interacting with peers and working on their personal executive challenge.

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Germany

The modular Programme delivered on three different continents in four locations Heidelberg (Germany), Alajuela (Costa Rica), Nairobi (Kenya) and Barcelona (Spain) is a learning journey starting with the broader Global Health context, its challenges and opportunities, innovation potential to improve health care performance, ideas on transformation and development of new services, and implementation and leading change. The interactive learning model will include visits to local innovation clusters, an individual innovation project, and coaching and mentoring.

The first module ‘Global Health Challenges and Strategies for Change’, taking place 20-24 May 2019, Heidelberg Institute of Global Health, Heidelberg (Germany) discusses the current and future Global Health challenges, the Global Burden of Disease, the pressure health systems are facing around the globe and the responses that are currently being introduced and planned, their implications for different countries and continents. The module aims to look in an integrative perspective at Global Health challenges in order to create a starting point on the progress of innovative and sustainable ideas from the participants of this Programme.

  • Strenghten the ability to lead change in Global Health across policies, sectors, and disciplines.
  • Address current and potential future Global Health challenges and identify opportunities to enable change across various settings.
  • Determine the innovation potentials in the ecosystem health and create feasible strategies in a broader context of political and economic factors.

This Executive Programme targets the senior Global Health Innovator in public and private settings, such as policy makers, senior executives in international and corporate organisations of Global Health. While driven by an eagerness to innovate and change for impact, they will have at least 10 years of experience in their field, and highly value the educational and networking experience that will foster their professional growth.

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