Food4Health – Call for Ideas – Apply now!

Food4Health is a collaboration between EIT Food and EIT Health that aims to develop a joint strategy and build a shared portfolio in the overarching area of food for health. To achieve this, the two networks have joined forces to engage their respective partners in combined activities.

In 2019, two top-down innovation projects will be jointly launched by the two networks to address specific needs where food and health are linked. In relation to this, Food4Health is opening a call for novel business case ideas in order to develop projects that address the food and health issues that are most relevant to society such as “Consumer behaviour and a healthy diet” andFood intake in clinically relevant situations”.

To prepare detailed work packages for the two innovation projects, partners from both EIT Health and EIT Food are invited to join the Food4Health workshop on 15-16 May in Rotterdam. The work packages will help to deliver strong business cases. After the workshop, there will be a call for Expression of Interest, where the partners from both EIT Health and EIT Food can apply to work on one or more of these work packages.

For more information please read here.

To register for the Food4Health workshop, please send an email to the representatives from EIT Food and EIT Health.

EIT Health BeNe
Hayley Every
+31 6 3816 4616
EIT Food Central
Kerstin Burseg
+49 8161 716545
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