E-Health: Telemedicine boosts diabetes care

Facing an increasing number of diabetic patients, the German Diabetes Society is pursuing digital ways to improve the care of patients affected by diabetes. Great potential is attributed to an online platform.

“Telemedicine could play an important role in the future care of diabetic patients regarding increasing case numbers.” said Professor Monika Kellerer, medical director at the Marienhospital Stuttgart at the Future Day of Diabetology of the German Diabetes Society (DDG) in Berlin. Many patients are partially underserved today, so DDG is committed to advanced technologies, said Kellerer. The care for diabetes patients has to be expanded regardless of location and in a timely manner. “The biggest hurdle is the technology and the requirements of data protection,” she said regarding doctors on telemedicine although many GPs have a positive view of networking through electronic applications. With telemedicine, specialist care can be brought to areas where the path to specialists is long. If not specialized doctors have the appropriate technology, they can obtain the expertise from a distance.

In order to improve diabetes care in the future, DDG is also working on an online platform for data exchange. The aim is to provide the current information to patients in time. Interoperability is crucial. Access on different levels should be given to patients, doctors and researchers.

For more information please read here (German only)

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