550 meetings and lots of networking to find the perfect match!

This year’s EITH Health‘ s annual Matchmaking event saw a new record number of partricipants and meetings: More than 340 EIT Health Partners and other related stakeholders, came to Berlin 5-7 February 2019 to grasp the last chance to find the perfect partner for their EIT Health Innovation, Business Creation or Education project proposals for 2020.

Hosted by the German EIT Health partner Fraunhofer the core part of the Matchmaking event in Berlin consisted of individual meetings partner could schedule with the EIT Health Matchmaking app in advance. Within these two days around 550 meetings were held – not to mention the numerous informal meetings that took place at any corner of the venue.

The first day started with the group Matchmaking sessions organised by the programme areas of Accelerator and Campus, with a focus on their activity lines, such as Bootcamps, Entrepreneur and Innovator education, Professionals and Executive courses, Summer Schools and Citizen Programmes. The Matchmaking for Innovation Projects was held later that day, and further opportunities continued throughout the event.

During the Matchmaking Event several impulse speeches were given: Ania Henley, Imperial College NIHR Biomedical Research Centre and Patient & Public Involvement Adviser, spoke about Patient and Public Involvement in project planning in development. Her presentation noted the necessity to keep the patient’s needs in focus and stressed the possibilities and pitfalls of using patient and public involvement during the development of a project. Manuel Mandler, Chief Digital Officer of Gothaer Versicherungen AG, the first payer organisation within the German partner network, discussed the challenges of market entry, using the German system as an example, to give a step-by-step breakdown of the typical journey and obstacles for an innovation that is heading to the market. And Christina Ackermann, Chair of The 5612 Group AB and former president of ICHOM, gave a lecture on Project Impact Measurement, i.e. project impact and how it is measured, looking at what matters most for a proposal and how “real impact” is measured.

We thank all our German Partners for their participation at the Matchmaking 2019 and since we heard a lot of positive Feedback during the whole event we hope that you all had fruitful meetings that result in loads of new proposal for the BP2020.

Last but not least we would like to remind all our German EIT Health partners who intend to submit a proposal for an Innovation Project that the deadline is this week, 15 February 2019.

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