#ProtectUrLife for Everyone Everywhere

1 Activity, 5 Cities, 6 Broadcasts, 22 Articles, 1800 Screenings, 500000 Citizens

#ProtectUrLife is an EIT Health-supported initiative focussed on preventing unfortunate, life-changing events such as bone fractures and heart attacks impacting autonomy and independence of the health aging population. The activity is led by Amgen and is also supported by many partners from within the EIT Health network and beyond, e.g., Technical University of Munich , University of Barcelona, the City of Nice and the Alpes Maritimes Health Insurance in France and the International Osteoporosis Foundation as well as many patient organisations (e.g., CholCo, Osteoporose Selbsthilfegruppen Dachverband., Alliance du Coeur, ALFAR, CAMFiC, REUMA Net, Schweizerische Herzstiftung, OsteoSwiss, Azur Sport Sante, Belgische Cardiologische Liga and fhoemo). The involvement of the French start-up bepatient illustrates how EIT Health and its partners support innovation and growth of SMEs and start-ups unconditionally.

Recently more than half a million citizens were reached with the first #ProtectUrLife campaign – involving 3% of the entire European population – not an easy feat!

Awareness amongst and activation of citizens to act on cardio-vascular disease and osteoporosis risk scores was achieved through:

  • Acting under the umbrella of the EIT Health making use out of its network and support
  • Screening citizens for CV and bones
  • Gathering and generating real-life data and evidence for identifying CV and osteoporosis
  • Engagement of EU and local policy
  • Involving 12 patient associations, a multi-expert panel from 3 universities and 1 scientific board
  • Media engagement, a platform for KOLs and patients voices
  • Amgen employee engagement on “One Patient” vision

This methodology and action points were implemented in 5 cities simultaneously and coincided with World Osteoporosis Day on the 20thof October 2018. The cities were Munich, Nice, Zurich, Barcelona and Brussels. During the events, more than 1800 citizens were tested for their cardio-vascular disease and osteoporosis risk, consulted with doctors about their preliminary results and educated about the ways to work on preventing onset or further progression of these two diseases. In addition, a 6thevent will take place in Rimini in Italy in the CosmoSenior Exhibition Center from the 30thof November till the 2ndof December.

(Roman Stampfli, General Manager Amgen Germany (left) and Katharina Ladewig, Managing Director EIT Health Germany (5th from left) and their teams at the Munich event).

The journey of #ProtectUrLife does not end there of course. It continues expanding its activities specifically by:

    • Generating results and analyzing them based on the medical data and surveys
    • Team surveys and debriefing
    • Design and ideation on how to combine best practices and make the killer concept to be used in the coming years (EIT Health committed to funding the activity again in 2019)

For more details, please check the #ProtectUrLife official website:


Contact: Bart Vanmedegael (bvanmede@amgen.com)
Author: Mohammad Chehadé (mohammad.chehade@eithealth.eu)

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