EIT Health Business Plan 2020 – Focus Areas Released & Save the Dates

Dear EIT Health Germany Partners,

We are delighted to inform you that EIT Health released four new focus areas bringing the total to six Focus Areas that will shape the 2020 portfolio. The six Focus Areas are fully within the scope of EIT Health’s Strategic Agenda (and the original InnoLife proposal).

We would like to invite you to read the summary below and save the date for a couple of important upcoming EIT Health events ahead of the launch of the Business Plan 2020 Call for Proposals.

Learning from our experiences and your feedback from previous ideation events, the BP 2020 Ideation Events will be thematically focused and are designed to be for PIs, who wish to lead projects, and well-connected subject matter experts, who can help shape ideas and connect them to the most relevant people in their institutions. The ideation events will also be open to shortlisted start-ups, will integrate challengers (esp. for business case), and will develop ideas (open up, prioritise, converge).

Save the dates

1st Ideation Event 22-23 October 2018 Mannheim Bringing Care Home and Real-World Data
2nd Ideation Event 7-8 November 2018 Rotterdam Health in the Workplace and Behavioural Change
3rd Ideation Event 19-20 November 2018 Madrid Care Pathways and Healthcare Transformation
EIT Health Summit 4-5 December 2018 Lódz Pre-Matchmaking
Matchmaking Event 5-7 February 2019 Berlin Find the perfect match for your project proposal

Places are limited, so please express your preferences in terms of participation via the survey below.

Express your interest for an Ideation Event

An infographic about the upcoming Ideation & Matchmaking Events can be found below or downloaded here.

The current focus areas of EIT Health are:

  • TOWARDS HEALTH CONTINUUM CARE PATHWAYS: From treatment centric limitations to the health continuum breadth – EIT Health will lead the reform of care pathways, undertaking the design and evidence-based implementation of innovative care and health delivery
  • CREATING THE ENABLING ENVIRONMENT FOR HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION: From the current challenge to a sustainable future – EIT Health will deliver an organisational evolution in healthcare management, with value- based benefits for citizens & consequent financial benefits to society, by designing & demonstrating innovation in management models and aligned training.
  • HARNESSING THE POWER OF REAL WORLD DATA (RWD): From conceptual vision to tangible value – EIT Health will launch RWD initiatives that are robust, inform valid healthcare decisions and demonstrate potential to be scaled up, thus establishing a framework for EU leadership in access and analysis of
  • BRINGING CARE HOME: From institutional delivery to health delivered at home – EIT Health will deliver optimal home-based healthcare to older citizens and consequent financial benefits to society, by designing and demonstrating innovation in home care service and systems.
  • EMPLOYER LEADERSHIP IN IMPROVING HEALTH OUTCOMES IN THE WORKPLACE: From workplace to health place – EIT Health will deliver improved healthcare to employees and consequent financial benefits to employers, by going beyond the traditional expectation of employer responsibility for health in the workplace.
  • FOSTERING HEALTHY LIVES BY INTRODUCING BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE: From dealing with disease & disability to healthy lives – EIT Health will supply tools & incentives to citizens to modify their way of life, to prevent early onset of ageing, disease and disability, and to profit from more years in health and EIT Health will focus on providing opportunities especially to children, and other vulnerable or marginalised groups in society.

Find the perfect match for your project proposal!

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