CLOSE Concept Paper Published in Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

Peer-reviewed Publication highlights role of EIT Health in the advancement of artificial pancreas solutions

Under the leadership of EIT Health Core Partner Profil, the EIT Health Innovation Project consortium CLOSE recently published a peer-reviewed article entitled “Artificial Pancreas Systems for People With Type 2 Diabetes: Conception and Design of the European CLOSE Project ” (Freimut Schliess, et. al, (2018), Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology). The article is authored by partners from industry and academia, members of EIT Health’s leadership and key opinion leaders in the field.

The publication is a milestone achievement in the dissemination of CLOSE, as it not only explains the innovative approach the CLOSE consortium takes on tackling diabetes care, but also highlights the role of EIT Health in shortening time-to-market of this much needed innovation to a wide range of audiences in Europe and globally. A specific focus is on how implementing the EIT Knowledge Triangle can promote the translation of the scientific conception behind CLOSE into a portfolio of marketable product and service packages.


CLOSE (Automated Glucose Control at Home for People with Chronic Disease) stands for a project designed to overcome artificial pancreas (AP) implementation barriers. The primary objective of the project is to develop superior risk-benefit and cost-benefit scenarios for AP operation thereby achieving a positive acceptance by users and caregivers and a high eligibility for reimbursement. In order to meet this objective the project will put the AP into the center of comprehensive product and service packages (APplus) specifically tailored to defined T2D patient groups and care environments. In the design of APplus solutions the project is going to realize an interactive collaboration with users, healthcare providers and other stakeholders in diabetes care. In a first step CLOSE will establish a scalable APplus model case working at the interface between patients, homecare service providers, and payers in France. CLOSE will then scale up APplus by pursuing geographic distribution, targeting additional audiences and by enhancing AP functionalities and interconnectedness.

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