Professional and Executive Education Activity Line – Update

One of EIT Health’s CAMPUS strategic priorities is geared towards inspiring and empowering health professionals, health innovators, healthcare providers and policy makers with high quality skills to lead innovation in health. In 2018, EIT Health CAMPUS has set up the Professional and Executive Education Activity Line, that is coordinating all training activities aimed at professionals and executives. In 2018, a total of eight activities constitute the portfolio of this activity line:

  • CARE CAMPUS: aims at providing a set of defined standard protocols and a comprehensive, accessible e-based learning curriculum to ensure improved quality of care for seniors in need, increase the numbers of new professional caregivers whilst improving the quality of care delivered.
  • CCenter: offers a new form of education that uses narrative-based training to foster the kind of paradigm shift to citizen-centred healthcare
  • CRISH-2: educates key stakeholders, including patients and informal caregivers, to learn to engage, co-create and co-design bench-to-bedside research projects and healthcare innovative projects
  • IME: Intrapreneur course aimed at senior healthcare leaders and clinicians, to embed innovation culture and make the participants organisations more receptive to innovation.
  • GDPR: training aimed at helping EIT Health partners, SMEs and start-ups to be compliant with the new European General Data Protection Regulation, to support them in keeping trust with their ecosystem and to create a stable legal environment for technology innovation in the health field.
  • EITHiEN: aims to create a community among EIT Health innovation educators to foster the exchange of experience, knowledge and tools in health innovation education, and provide coaching and mentoring activities.
  • SEPGHIM: training programme aimed at enhancing the innovation capacity of the global health innovator, by providing capacity building tailored to their needs.
  • FHME: aims to prepare health leaders and managers, by training faculty and fostering the adoption of the future manager competencies by the national associations of healthcare managers.

The objective of this activity line is to share best practices, to foster collaboration among activities and develop a strong coherent portfolio of activities with long-lasting impact towards to overall objectives of EIT Health. In this line, a workshop was organised in London on the 25th of May 2018 for Professional and Executive activity leads to connect, to learn about other programmes within this and other activity lines, to look for collaborations across activities, and to foster discussions to enrich the Professional and Executive activity line. Activity leads were invited to openly share ideas, challenges and requests of collaboration and present how their respective activities are contributing to four strategic topics for the Professional and Executive activity line- working groups were dedicated to that:

  • Industry involvement in the training for executive and professional programmes
  • Collaboration and Integration of programmes
  • Certification
  • Continued Medical Education

Before the end of 2018, a second workshop will be organised to discuss the progress achieved in the four strategic topics and those lessons learnt that can strengthen the Professional and Executive activity line in 2019.

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