Meet MEDIKURA – one of the Digital Health start-ups of EIT Health Germany’s ecosystem

MEDIKURA is building the digital infrastructure for drug safety ​– to help patients cope with side-effects, enable more targeted therapies, and accelerate data-driven drug discovery. The company streamlines the process of capturing, communicating, and analyzing side-effect data through a cloud-based platform that connects pharma companies with patients, pharmacists and doctors.

MEDIKURA Founding Team: Tobias Nendel, Friderike Bruchmann, Dr. Philipp Naegelein

The goal is to replace the decentralized, analogue drug safety process with a centralized, and digital system. MEDIKURA’s goal is address the societal problem that more than 200,000 European citizens die from Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) every year, whereas less than 1% of ADR cases are officially reported by patients and doctors.

They closed their first financing round and received public grants worth 200,000€, most recently the “SME Instrument Phase 1 Grant” by the European Commission. In June 2018, MEDIKURA was awarded the “Bayerischer Innovationspreis Gesundheitstelematik” which recognizes selected digital startups improving healthcare infrastructure at large.

MEDIKURA Co-Founder Dr. Philipp Naegelein (left) receiving the award “Bayerischer Innovationspreis Gesundheitstelematik”

MEDIKURA is one of the successful examples for the transition of Campus alumni into the Accelerator. Friderike Bruchmann participated in a CDTM Trendseminar in 2017 and got in touch with our Business Creation Manager Eva-Maria Markutzik to learn how she could push forward her business idea with the help of EIT Health.

At the beginning of 2018, the team around the founder and CEO Friderike Bruchmann has received an EXIST funding by the German Ministry of Economics to launch their start-up project from the Center for Digital and Technology Management in Munich. In addition to that, the team was invited to the European Parliament during the 9th European Innovation Summit as EU Top 50 of the Hemicycle Start-up Convention. The complete article about these milestones can be found here.

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