EIT Health Germany announces Regional HeadStart Finalists 2018

EIT Health Germany is pleased to introduce you to the 2018 German and Swiss regional finalists of the EIT Health Germany Headstart Programme.

On 11 July 2018, EIT Health Germany hosts the regional final for German and Swiss start-ups, the “Ship for Health Innovation Pitches (SHIP)” aboard the ship “Königin Silvia” in Heidelberg. Successful applicants in the field of biotech, medtech and digital health will be invited to the SHIP to pitch their business idea in front of a jury of entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors.

As part of its Accelerator activities, EIT Health provides funding for early stage companies and SMEs to develop new products and services. Aboard the SHIP, EIT Health Germany will select the regional recipients of the 2018 Head Start Awards. The EIT Health Headstart Awards are part of EIT Health’s extensive portfolio of support programmes for emerging companies and SMEs from across Europe. The purpose of these awards is to accelerate market entry and adoption of new products and services, thus creating new economic activity.

Please find more information about the competing teams of EIT Health Germany’s Headstart Award applicants 2018 below.

The teams of EIT Health Germany’s Headstart Awards 2018 (regional finalists)

  • Avalanche

    Avalanche is developing a 3D recognition system to replace manual documentation of deployed implants during surgical operations.

    Contact: Alex Babanin
    Website: avalanche-3d.com

  • Dicronis

    Lymphedema is a chronic and progressive condition, often resulting in high debilitation of the patients suffering from it. At Dicronis, we are developing the first home-based and highly-scalable lymphatic activity tracker, referred to as Lymphit.

    Contact: Patrizia Marschalkova
    Website: dicronis.com

  • Earliebirdie

    KORMORAN11 is an innovative patented product which can improve men’s health supporting active ageing by simple self testing of uroflow at home. KORMORAN11 has been co-developed by EARLIEBIRDIE, a Bavarian start-up company, together with Digmesa AG, a Swiss precision flowmeter specialist.

    Contact: Simone Gschaidmeier
    Website: earliebirdie.com

  • feelSpace

    The feelSpace GmbH developed a navigation belt to improve orientation for visually impaired people, for whom a tactile navigation device greatly improves the feasibility to participate in working and social life.

    Contact: Susan Wache
    Website: feelspace.de

  • Heyfair

    Every year, 2.6 million Europeans get an infection during their hospital stay. About 90.000 patients don’t survive. To solve these problems Heyfair has invented the world’s first shortly visible disinfectant.

    Contact: Robert Hellmundt
    Website: heyfair.de

  • HygNova

    HygNova COMPLETE® helps hospitals and nursing homes tackling their nosocomial infections by gapless visualization of the hand disinfection rate at the point-of-care and accumulation of gathered information in cloud-based data dashboards.

    Contact: Simon Slama
    Website: hygnova.com

  • ichó

    Every 3 seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. ichó is a ball that reacts to outside influences like pressure, catching, stroking, and throwing. The individual support targeted for each user makes ichó exceptional.

    Contact: Steffen Preuß
    Website: icho-systems.de

  • inveox

    Pathology 4.0 – inveox digitizes, streamlines and automates pathology laboratories. As a result, the safety and reliability of cancer diagnoses are enhanced, while increasing the efficiency and profitability of laboratories.

    Contact: Maria Driesel
    Website: inveox.com

  • IT Labs

    We are developing an intelligent therapymanagement platform for all providers of the chronically ill patients. With our innovative software Alberta, we improve health care by suggesting the field care staff of homecare companies the right products for each patient’s medical conditions.

    Contact: Güven Karakuzu
    Website: it-labs.de and halloalberta.de


    LARALAB develops image-based software technology to support heart teams with procedural planning and pivotal guidance of heart interventions, especially emerging minimally-invasive heart valve repair procedures.

    Contact: Boris Link
    Website: laralab.de

  • LegaGene

    LegaGene – Development of a genetic test panel for dyslexia diagnosis.

    Contact: Dr. Arndt Wilcke or Dr. Anna C. Eichhorn
    Website: www.legascreen.de


    MUNEVO’s vision is to help people with disabilities by using new and innovative technology. MUNEVO DRIVE is the first wheelchair control using smart glass technology.

    Contact: Claudiu Leverenz
    Website: munevo.com

  • nanoleq

    At nanoleq GmbH (ETH Zurich spin-off, www.nanoleq.com), our ambition is to provide the next generation of highly reliable cables to the market. With our newly developed cable solution, we aim at greatly improving the reliability of electrical cabling in critical healthcare systems.

    Contact: Vincent Martinez
    Website: nanoleq.com

  • NovoScreen

    NovoScreen: State-of-the-art cervical cancer screening from home. NovoScreen is a simple and user-friendly self-sampling pen that enables women to collect a smear sample conveniently from home.

    Contact: Michaela Fesenfeld
    Website: novoscreen.com

  • ScintHealth

    ScintHealth offers a new therapy for solid tumors that are hard or impossible to operate. In those cases to reduce side-effects, the therapy of choice is chemotherapy in combination with local treatments such as embolization and ablation. ScintHealth’s product CelluRad is a beta-emitting radioactive polymer that when injected into a lesion solidifies immediately enabling a precise and highly effective local treatment with minimal side effects.

    Contact: Dr. Thomas Wendler
    Website: scinthealth.com

  • Sleepiz

    Sleepiz AG is a Zurich based award-winning Med-tech start-up founded by graduates from ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen (HSG), backed by leading sleep specialists in Switzerland. Sleepiz has developed a revolutionary sleep disorder screening device.

    Contact: Max Sieghold
    Website: sleepiz.com

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