Successful kick-off at EIT Health BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp 2018

The participants of this year’s EIT Health BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp at the kick-off at BioM in Munich

The EIT Health BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp kicked off at BioM on 6 June. Over the next 8 weeks, ten start-up teams from all over Europe with innovations in drug development, diagnostics and research services are using the intensive coaching to design and validate their business concepts.

The Bootcamp targets pre-seed or seed phase biomedical start-up teams and covers all aspects of developing and validating their biomedical business concept in an eight-week interactive program.

The teams learn on site through team coaching, case studies, expert discussions and mentoring. Speakers report on all aspects relevant to biotechs in establishing a company, from company evaluation to writing a clinical development plan to patent law aspects and reimbursement. In addition, organized networking events help young entrepreneurs to get in touch with relevant stakeholders.

Angelika Leppert from BioM explains the concept: “We coach the teams in the development and validation of their business concept. This means that we raise questions, address relevant topics and the teams then develop the implementation of these aspects for their business concept”.

“The Bootcamp fits perfectly because it helps me to create the business plan I need for the EXIST program,” says participant Dr. Robert Grummt of Team Deoxy Technologies.

“By playing through and thinking through hypotheses in the Bootcamp, we come to decisions,” says participant Prof. Andreas Ladurner of Team Genwerk. “Furthermore we can expand our network and establish contacts with other experts.”

After four weeks at BioM in Munich, the teams travel to partner organisations in London, Paris and Delft to learn from the experts in these networks and refine their business concept in other European markets. In this way, the founders ensure that their business model is not only well designed, but also meets the requirements of the market.

The teams of the EIT Health BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp 2018

  • ALAnostics

    We are developing controlled release nanomedicines for fluorescence guided resection of solid tumors.

    Contact: James Collins

  • Avergen Pharmaceuticals

    We are developing a new compound for Huntington’s disease, which is an orally available small molecule that crosses the BBB and can significantly improve the motor symptoms in R6/2 model mice.

    Contact: Marius Yildiz

  • Deoxy Technologies

    Measuring gene activity with single cell resolution in house is prohibitively expensive. We offer researchers single cell gene expression profiling as a service.

    Contact: Robert Grummt

  • Eximmium

    Eximmium aims at the generation of novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies with superior properties for the adjuvant treatment and diagnosis of ovarian and head and neck cancer.

    Contact: Kathrin Gärtner

  • Genwerk

    Cancer genomes identify Achilles heels that we can target using our key technologies. We develop first-in-class drugs that hit the addiction of cancer cells to specific epigenetic mechanisms.

    Contact: Andreas Ladurner

  • Loop Diagnostics

    The first rapid test that identifies bacterial infections in the blood through immune activity. This diagnostic tool aids emergency physicians make better clinical decisions and optimize sepsis management.

    Contact: Hernandez Jimenez

  • MiMARK

    Our product CEMARK is the next step in the accurate, sensitive and minimally invasive diagnosis of endometrial cancer.

    Contact: Eva Colas

  • Ox4Rare

    Ox4Rare is the first end-to-end solutions company for the rare cancer patient pathway with an aim to connect and integrate technologies that are currently fragmented in the market.

    Contact: Mehak Mumtaz


    A tool to evaluate and reduce the risks of investigational drugs in late stage clinical trials (P2 onwards), and to increase the efficiency of drug development and biopharma investment & portfolio decision-making.

    Contact: Alex Barker

  • Rheo Diagnostics

    RheoDx is a blood-cell screening and monitoring point-of-care device that provides immediate clinical evidence such as blood count and cell morphology from a drop of blood.

    Contact: Joan Grasas

About BioM

Since 1997, BioM is the network organization of the biotechnology sector in Munich and in Bavaria, commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. BioM supports the Bavarian biotechnological and pharmaceutical sector with an extensive network for developing new business contacts. The cluster management offers central access and a broad range of information about the sector for prospective customers from home and abroad. BioM provides comprehensive consulting and specialized coaching, training and mentoring programs especially for start-ups. In total, BioM has supported more than 200 start-up companies in 20 years.

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