Mariska Koster rejoins Ethics, Legal and Social Impact Board

On 8 March 2018, during the latest German CLC Partner Assembly, German and Swiss partners elected Mariska Koster from Janssen to be the new representative for EIT Health Germany in the ELSI (Ethics, Legal and Social Impact) Board of EIT Health.

Koster recently joined Janssen in Germany, as Lead, Patient Access and Research Alliances. She has been an EIT Health ELSI Board Member in the past, and is now chosen to re-join the ELSI Board.

About Mariska Koster

Koster graduated as a physician at the University of Leiden. She held several internships in oncology, radiation therapy and pulmonary medicine, and started her specialisation in pulmonary medicine in 1994 at the Leiden University Hospital. She received her board certification in pulmonary medicine in 1991 and subsequently started working as consultant pulmonary medicine in Deventer General Hospital. She specialized further in chest oncology and palliative medicine, end-of-life care and ethics of health care. In 2006 she joined the SCEN organization, which provides aid and support for physicians asked to perform euthanasia. In 2010 she joined the Dutch RTE, a regional medicolegal government funded committee that rules on issues concerning euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.

In 2012, Koster joined Achmea as Senior Medical Advisor on healthcare procurement, innovation and value-based health care. In 2015, she joined the ELSI board of EIT Health, representing Achmea, a partner of EIT Health in the Netherlands. Recently, she joined Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson, as Lead, Patient Access and Research Alliances. She still holds her positon at the Dutch RTE.

More information about Janssen-Cilag GmbH can be found on the offical website

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