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EIT Health Germany presents opportunities and support for academic spin-off projects during the first EIT Health workshop on 19 February 2018 in Karlsruhe

Which opportunities do young entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs have within EIT Health? How can EIT Health support them to incubate, validate and scale their business ideas? With these questions representatives of the Technology Transfer Offices of the University of Konstanz, the University of Freiburg, the University of Tübingen and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology arrived to the first German EIT Health workshop “Opportunities and support for start-ups and small enterprises within EIT Health” at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on 19 February 2018. After a general introduction of EIT Health as one of the largest initiatives in healthcare worldwide, Eva-Maria Markutzik, Business Creation Manager of EIT Health Germany, presented programs for students, entrepreneurs and innovators within the EIT Health Campus.

Best practice examples demonstrated the high involvement of students in activities such as the euVENTION Summerschool, organized by Heidelberg University and the Life Science meets IT Hackathon, yearly organized by EIT Health Germany, the City of Mannheim and Heidelberg Startup Partners. Participants also showed a great deal of interest in the EIT Health Accelerator Programs reaching from activities for young entrepreneurs and pre-seed start-ups to initiatives for more matured start-ups and SMEs, such as EU Health Maps, which provides specific knowledge about finance and reimbursements schemes of 14 European countries.

Impressed from the diverse opportunities and several success stories of start-ups within EIT Health, the participants were very interested in the EIT Health Head Start Program, the fast-track funding Program of EIT Health, Start-ups and SMEs can request an EIT Health contribution of max. 50.000 € for their projects. The terms and conditions of the Head Start Program and other funding opportunities in Germany and the EU were subject of lively discussions. Furthermore, EIT Health programs were classified in comparison to other national and EU programs. Finally the participants took home a variety of activities, programs and funding opportunities within EIT Health they can recommend and forward to young entrepreneurs, start-ups and spin-offs in their ecosystem.

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