Meet the ComRAD Innovation Project

With the support of EIT Health Innovation Project funding, the ComRAD consortium, comprising RWTH Aachen University, University Hospital Aachen, KU Leuven and the SME enmodes, developed the World`s first respiratory assist device, a portable artificial lung, the RAS-Q® device.

RAS-Q® device is a portable artificial lung and is based on conventional lung support technology, but also includes the lung’s flexible movement via a patented device-integrated compliance mimicking the elasticity of the native lung.

enmodes won the Emerging Medical Innovation Award at the 2017 Design of Medical Devices Conference in Minneapolis, US, and the EIT Health Catalpult Medtech Final in December 2017. In addition, enmodes meanwhile successfully secured a further funding of 1.65 million EUR by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) ( Link ). This funding will allow to further guide the project from in vivo animal testing and prototype testing to clinical trials up to CE certification and market penetration to make the “the lung in a backpack” available for patients suffering from pulmonary hypertension allowing them to regain physical activities by overcoming their functional loss.

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