Interview with Jagadeesh Gandla, EIT Health Alumni, Cross-KIC Manager and “Life Science meets IT”-Hackathon winner 2017

One of the big opportunities within EIT Health is creating a network of health innovators which spans all across Europe. Therefore, establishing and growing its alumni network is a strategic task for EIT Health and has been firmly rooted in the Campus pillar.

Last year, EIT Health Germany involved three alumni in the “SHIP – Ship for Health Innovation” event on 11 July 2017, which serves as the regional selection event for the “European Health Catapult”. Jagadeesh Gandla was one of them and has now been appointed as “Cross-KIC Manager”. In order to introduce him to our community, we have interviewed Jagadeesh recently.

Jagadeesh Gandla
Jagadeesh Gandla

EIT Health Germany: Hi Jagadeesh, we are glad that you will actively support the EIT Health Alumni network. Would you like to share a little bit of your background and how you got in touch with EIT Health?

Jagadeesh: I am a biologist, currently doing my Ph.D. on Cancer pain, at the Institute of Pharmacology at University of Heidelberg in Germany. In 2017, I participated in the “Life Science meets IT”-Hackathon and won the best patient innovation for making the concept of an app to diagnose a disease using artificial intelligence. Before that I attended the “Biotech Entrepreneurship Training Program” by EIT Health Germany and MAFINEX Mannheim.

As alumni I got an invitation to present our results of the Hackathon at the “SHIP – Ship for Health Innovation Pitches”. Furthermore, I had the chance to travel to Budapest to the big “INNOVEIT” event of EIT.

EIT Health Germany: What does your new role at the alumni network look like?

Jagadeesh: My role in EIT health alumni board is called Cross-KIC-manager. My job is to attend meetings from different Knowledge and Innovation Centers (KICs) and gain experience to build a stronger and better EIT Health Alumni community.

EIT Health Germany: What do you like about EIT Health? And what would you like to improve?

Jagadeesh: I like the training and support that I am receiving from EIT health in imparting entrepreneurial spirit. I would like to improve the visibility of EIT health and also the alumni association for better opportunities.

EIT Health Germany: How can partners contact you to involve you in their activities?

Jagadeesh: Partners can contact me through

EIT Health Germany: Thanks a lot for the interview.

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