Sylvie Bove presenting at the Johnson & Johnson External Funding & Innovation Day in Beerse, Belgium

On November 15, 2017, J&J organized the very first External Funding & Innovation Day in Beerse, Belgium for an audience of internal stakeholders.

One of the external speakers was Sylvie Bove. Focus of her presentation was on enabling citizens to live healthier and more productive lives. EIT Health was presented as a unique and ambitious consortium to strengthen innovation and the development of sustainable healthcare. As the importance of external collaborations and funding in the pharmaceutical landscape will only increase in the nearby future, this event was set up to immerse the attendees into the world of External Funding & Innovation. J&J has a strong connect with EIT Health. Guenter Huhle (VP NBD, Janssen) is the Chair of the Partner Assembly of EIT Health Germany and through this engagement all groups of J&J have access to EIT Health.

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