A promising partnership to advance value-based innovation

EIT Health and Amgen officially sign partnership agreement on 10 October 2017 in Berlin

On 10 October 2017, EIT Health and Amgen officially signed the partnership agreement between both organisations. This underlines Amgen’s commitment to value-based healthcare through partnerships and collaborations. The event took place in Amgen’s Technology Hub in Berlin, which drives the sourcing and piloting of health technology projects at agile pace and with external partners. The projects within Amgen’s Berlin Tech Hub examine how key emerging trends within technology and data can be applied to healthcare solutions.

Amgen is now looking forward to actively collaborating with various partners from the diverse EIT Health community. EIT Health is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide with more than 140 partner organisations that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing.

Sylvie Bove, CEO of EIT Health and Corinne Le Goff, SVP and European Regional General Manager at Amgen, highlighted the respective collaboration opportunities and how the organisations could maximize their value. “We are delighted that Amgen is now part of our EIT Health network, as it could contribute in an excellent way to the development of innovative healthcare solutions in collaboration with other EIT Health partners based on its world-class biotechnology capabilities and its commitment to value-based healthcare”, stated Sylvie Bove. “We believe that through innovation, technology and partnerships, we can improve health outcomes for patients and deliver more value to healthcare systems and societies. These are key objectives for both Amgen and EIT Health”, remarked Corinne Le Goff.

Ian Thompson, VP, European Marketing and Innovation at Amgen, explained that the company aims to collaboratively create solutions that truly focus on the patient, will potentially be integrated across the patient care pathway and are valuable in the real world to address diseases with high unmet medical needs. By highlighting the joint vision for healthcare partnerships of the future, Roman Stampfli, General Manager from Amgen’s German affiliate, and Katharina Ladewig, UK/Ireland Managing Director of EIT Health, showed how they are aiming to achieve impact on national level to improve patient outcomes with a focus on Germany and the UK.

As plenty of activities are going on in the next few months, it is an optimal time to join EIT Health, especially in view of the preparation for the Call for proposals for the EIT Health Business Plan 2019 and the Strategic Agenda of EIT Health for the coming years. By joining EIT Health, Amgen will be primarily supported by EIT Health Germany, the EIT Health Co-Location Center (CLC) which covers 28 organisations in Germany and Switzerland, but all Amgen affiliates can collaborate with the respective other CLCs of EIT Health.

Both organisations are looking forward to fruitful collaborations to enhance their value-based innovation and to develop new solutions for patients and healthcare systems.

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