CLC Germany announces first winners of Head Start Programme

On 30 June 2016, the German Co-Location Center (CLC) of EIT Health announced the first 3 winners of the German EIT Health Head Start Programme 2016. The Head Start Programme provides fast-track project opportunities with a focus on German or Swiss micro and small enterprises (<50 employees), spin-offs and start-ups (incorporated in Germany or Switzerland at project end at the latest), funded to rapidly initiate activities. With a funding of up to € 50,000 for a maximum of one year the grant supports the applicants in realizing next steps towards the market for innovative products and services.

After the call for proposals had been published on 1 March 2016 and the first evaluation cut-off date on 15 April, external reviewers have been evaluating the projects independently in the categories: Project Excellence; Commercialisation Potential and Market Strategy; Project Impact.

The first 3 winners of the German EIT Health Head Start funding are:

Project Title: ArthroScan – Medical Device for Acoustic Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Joint Disease
Name of Organisation: Munich Innovation Labs
Website: and
Brief description: The patented ArthroScan technology uses acoustic signals to diagnose early osteoarthritis of the knee. Using 4 sensors and machine-learning algorithms, the data of healthy and non-healthy datasets are being compared in order to identify common characteristics and thus provide indication of osteoarthritis or early stages of the disease. ArthroScan is under development since 2013 in collaboration with the Hospital of the University of Munich.

Project Title: MetaHeps – European market access for the MetaHeps® test
Name of Organisation: MetaHeps
Brief description: Metaheps has developed a technology to create cells from human blood that indicate liver cell functions of the individual donor. With this technology patients can be saved from drug-induced liver injury and liver failure and pharma companies can be supported in the development of safe medications. The project team currently aims to obtain regulatory clearance for MetaHeps® in both EU and USA in order to facilitate access to this unique and highly innovative diagnostic test.

Project Title: Preomics – PreFracMass
Name of Organisation: Preomics
Brief description: Preomics develops goods and tools for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. It offers novel and ultra-sensitive technologies for clinical proteomics and is an innovative, user-friendly and rapid peptide pre-fractionation system for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. PreFracMass enables the identification of biological markers for chronic diseases such as diabetes that can be used to improve the diagnosis and develop more individual therapies. It should also offer non-experts the use of mass spectrometry in the areas of drug development, diagnostics and research.

After the second evaluation cut-off date on 30 June, 25 eligible project proposals have been received, which will now be evaluated to check which new healthcare solutions can be further supported.

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