EIT Health Germany is responsible for 28 partners in Germany and Switzerland and supports them in developing innovative healthcare solutions.

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  • Logo: BioRN (Biotech Cluster Rhine-Neckar)

    BioRN (Biotech Cluster Rhine-Neckar)

    Network Partner

    About 80 companies from the field of lifescience technologies develop drugs, technology platforms and diagnostics at the Biotech Cluster Rhine-Neckar (BioRN). Globally acting healthcare companies as well as internationally renowned research institutes also play a significant part in this development. The BioRN Network association connects science and business. It promotes the development of the biotech region into one of the leading life-science clusters in Europe.

  • Logo: Heidelberg Startup Partners

    Heidelberg Startup Partners

    Network Partner

    Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V. – and the various institutions involved – offer a broad range of events to educate, sensitize and connect students and scientists who are interested in entrepreneurship. Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V. is a joint initiative of Heidelberg research and educational institutes and support startup teams in developing sustainable business models.

  • Logo: Medical Technology Cluster Mannheim

    Medical Technology Cluster Mannheim

    Network Partner

    The Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster allows you quick access to a diverse range of partners in the medical device industry, pharma industry, to business consultancies and recruiters. This environment enables you to leverage and strengthen your own resources and capabilities.

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