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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

“Data Analytics in Health – From Basics to Business” by RWTH Aachen encourages learners to mine data, to analyze it and to use it to bring healthcare innovations to life. The course is offered free of charge and was developed through a collaboration between EIT Health CAMPUS and edX.

Course Content

  • Healthcare expertise

    This includes the presentation of medical approaches to data and an overview of challenges. There is also discussion of examples of big-data-based solutions that have been developed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in medicine.

  • Data analytics

    This area covers the basics of data mining within the context of a wide variety of healthcare settings, as well as the types of data and data analysis challenges that one is likely to encounter. The course looks at the different tasks of gathering the data, classifying and analyzing data, and finally visualizing it.

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  • Entrepreneurship

    Participants learn how to assess when data sciences based improvements in healthcare represent entrepreneurial opportunities. The development of a rigorous business plan is used to help make that assessment.

Digital Activities

Together with Anne-Marie Mosbech from Copenhagen University, Dr. Bodo Brückner is co-coordinator of the digital activity line of EIT Health Campus.

If you would like to get engaged in these activities, feel free to contact him.

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